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  • Pelican PSF-1W Chlorine & Chloramine Shower Filter


    …Chloramine Shower Filter is perfect for you. The Pelican water filter can be installed easily to reduce chlorine, chloramines, and other chemical contaminants in your shower water. This shower water filter keeps your skin and hair soft and reduces skin dryness. The Pelican shower filter also…

    Our Price: $116.59
    $27.40 (19%)
  • Sprite SLB-CM, Shower Filter Slim Line - Chrome


    …cartridge filter. This Sprite Shower Water Filter is also available in other finishes. Note: Shower head not included. Specifications: Brand: Sprite Part Number: SLB-CM Filter Life: 6 months or 10,000 gallons Filter Media: Chlorgon Flow Rate: 2.5 gpm Color: Chrome Universal Shower Filter Solid brass…

    Our Price: $59.99
    $10.00 (14%)
  • AquaBliss SF500 Rejuvia Universal Multi-Stage Shower Head Filter


    …to squeeze even more filter media into each and every Rejuvia cartridge, without making the shower filter bigger. This means better and longer lasting filters and less of a strain on your financial budget. The AquaBliss SF500 Rejuvia Universal Multi-Stage Shower Head Filter delivers impeccable…

    Our Price: $39.95
    $5.04 (11%)
  • DuPont WFPFC5002 Poly Block Filter 2-Pack


    filter 2-Pack reduces the amount of chlorine coming from the faucets throughout your home. For showers and hand washing, a reduction of chlorine benefits your skin by removing those corrosive chemicals used as a disinfectant, while drinking water will have less taste and odor. The whole house filter

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  • Culligan WHR-140 Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge


    …(KDF) The KDF filter media is more advanced when compared with standard carbon filters because of the bacteriostatic feature of this particular shower filter. This shower water filter is a bacteriostatic filter that inhibits bacteria from passing through or growing on the shower filter cartridge, as…

    As Low As: $20.95
    $9.04 (31%)
  • Sprite SR-WH Perma-Seal Dual Action Shower Filter


    The SR-WH Perma-Seal Dual Action Shower Filter is an inexpensive, high performance shower filter by Sprite. The Perma-Seal will effectively filter your shower water for approximately one year. The SRWH was Sprite's first shower filter to feature the patented " full-flow design" , which uses…

    Our Price: $34.95
    $5.04 (13%)
    Discontinued Product. Read Description for Options.
  • Rainshow'r CQ-1000NH Dechlorinating Shower Filter


    …CQ-1000NH dechlorinating shower filter system helps make your skin look younger and feel softer by reducing chlorine in your water. Designed for Whedon fixed-action shower heads, Shower Pro massage heads, and no head models, the specially-formulated KDF-55 filter media can remove up to 90%…

    Our Price: $39.95
    $10.04 (20%)
  • Rainshow'r RCCQ Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge


    …correct replacement shower filter cartridge for the following Rainshow'r shower filters: Rainshower CQ-1000 DS Rainshow'r CQ-1000NH The Rainshow'r RCCQ Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge is WQA Tested and Certified for the reduction of free chlorine. The Rainshower shower filter should be replaced…

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    $9.04 (26%)
  • Sprite HH-CT 3-Setting Filtered Shower Handle-White


    Filtered Shower Handle regularly for optimum performance and efficiency. Replace your Sprite White Filtered Shower Handle filter every 3 months. You can backwash the filter cartridge by reversing the water flow direction monthly to extend the shower filter's effective life. HHC-2 Reversible Filter

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    Our Price: $39.99
    $10.00 (20%)
  • Sprite HCT8-CM Filtered Chrome Shower Handle


    …HCT8-CM Filtered Shower Handle Specifications: Part Number: Sprite HCT8-CM Includes (1) Traditional Shower Head, High-Strength Bracket & 72" Reinforced Metal Hose, (1) HHC Hand-Held Replacement Cartridge Application: Filtered shower head that removes contaminants from your shower water Easy…

    Our Price: $49.99
    $10.00 (17%)
    Discontinued Product. Read Description for Options.
  • Sprite ARC Shower Filter Cartridge Replacement


    Shower Filter Cartridge is a Sprite shower filter replacement which reduces the amount of harmful chlorine and other impurities such as dirt, sediment, and rust in your shower water. The Sprite ARC shower filter cartridge is compatible for use with many Sprite shower filters and shower head filter

    Our Price: $24.99
    $5.00 (17%)
  • Rainshow'r New Century Shower Filter, NC-7


    The Rainshow'r NC-7 merges both style and technology into one extremely efficient shower filter. The eco-friendly filter design is capable of converting chlorine into a harmless soluble chloride through a KDF-55 filament media. Other New Century Benefits and Features: Part number: NC-7 Flow rate:…

    Our Price: $49.95
    $10.04 (17%)
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