Work and Walk for Water’s First Post

Nearly 1 billion people on this planet have no access to clean water. Think about how much we take for granted  — a warm, clean bath for our children or a cool drink at the end of the day. If we don’t do something, 1 in 8 people alive today will never know those simple joys.

At Filters Fast, we want to do something. Of course, we can’t do it alone. We are committed to walking everyday for as long as it takes to make a difference. By sponsoring a mile, you can join us in making a difference in the lives of so many. There is no minimum donation and 100% of the proceeds of our walk will be donated to various water charities that will assist victims of natural disasters as well as those living in poverty striken areas around the globe.

Mother Teresa said “We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.” It is with this attitude that we set out to change our small corner of the world. With your help, we will do everything in our power to do our small part with great love.

We would love it if you could help spread the word, or better yet — get involved!

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