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PURA UVSS-10 Ultraviolet Disinfection System

PURA UVSS-10 Ultraviolet Disinfection System
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Ships in 5 to 6 business days.

The PURA UVSS-10 Ultraviolet Disinfection System uses ultraviolet light to destroy the bacteria and microorganisms found in your water. Unlike many methods of filtration, ultraviolet disinfection purifies your water without the use of chemicals and without producing waste water.

A durable, stainless steel reactor chamber houses the UV lamp, which operates at a wavelength of 254nm (can be compared to 0.254 microns).

The UVSS-10 requires no more maintenance than traditional water filtration methods. The lamp should be replaced yearly. Should you forget, the unit provides a reminder, as well as a visual and audible alarm alerting you to lamp failure.


PURA recommends using a 5 micron sediment and housing as a minimum pretreatment to prevent large particles from entering the unit and masking the UV light.

  • 37 watt lamp
  • LED display
  • Reminder to change lamp
  • Axial flow design (water flows in the bottom, out the side)
  • 115V/60 Hz North American three-prong grounded plug

A brochure with detailed performance information for the PURA UVSS-10 and other PURA UV systems can be found here.


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