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Brita "On Tap" Faucet Water Filter System

On Tap

Retail: $34.99 /ea
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Retail: $34.99
You Save: 19%
On Tap :
Sorry, this item is no longer available. Browse our Brita Faucet Filters collection for more options! Please confirm specifications before ordering.

NOTE: The Brita "On Tap" Faucet Water Filter System is temprarily unavailable until September, 2019. Please consider other similar items as a suitable replacement.

The Brita "On Tap" Faucet Water Filter System with Filter offers great tasting water right from your tap--instantly!-- without the expense of bottled water. Model FF-100 attaches with easy to your faucet without the need for tools.

The "On Tap" Faucet Water Filter comes in white or chrome and includes an electronic indicator light that changes from Green to Red when within 2 weeks of your filter needing changing, and then turns flashing red when you need to change your filter immediately.

NSF/ANSI Standard No. 53 tested for the Reduction of:

  • VOC, TTHM, O-Dichlorobenzene, lead, Cysts - Cryptosporidium and Giardia, asbestos, turbidity, carbofuran, alachlor, atrazine, heptachlor epoxide, 2,4-D, chlordane, trichloroethylene, , methoxychlor, chlorobenzene, styrene, toxaphene, ethylbenzene, endrin, simazine, carbon tetrachloride

The On Tap filter has a 100 gallon filter life but this may vary depending on water conditions. Filter includes a non-replaceable battery designed to last approximately 5 years depending on usage. Also known as part numbers 42633 (black and chrome), 42201 (all white) and 42622 (white and chrome).



Customer Reviews:

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Tim Bonfield2010-04-25

Where I live the water is not good to drink or smell! Old pipes in the house and God now's what is that smell in the water. So I bought this filter and it is like normal water from the good old day's.

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I love me some Starbucks coffee...none of that fancy mess but the House Blend, French Roast and Christmas Blend - black - rock the house. I wanted to come closer to replicating the Starbucks taste at home, so I bought this filter and filter my coffee water. The difference in the taste of the coffee after installing this filter was certainly noticeable and well worth the $25 or so I paid!

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Lisa Janine2006-10-20

I thought about getting some sort of water filter for quite some time and now wish I had done it when I first considered it. The tap water at the apartment complex in which I live smells funny and tastes worse. Ice cubes made from plain tap water make any drink taste horrible as they melt, and drinking the water itself without masking it with tea or Koolaid is simply out of the question. From the very first cup of water we could tell the difference, as it was actually drinkable! We emptied all our ice trays and refilled them with filtered water what a difference! I can actually drink ice water now without having to buy bottled, and a drink stays drinkable even if the ice melts in it. Not only does it help the flavor of the water, but the spray setting on the system improves the weak water pressure we have from a poorly-installed sink faucet. I highly recommend this product!

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