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There is no better feeling than having a crisp, refreshing drink with an ice scoop to quench your thirst. When this simple pleasure is disrupted, it can be annoying to deal with. can help you find the right Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement ice maker kit for your needs. We provide the best brands on the market such as Whirlpool, Supco, or Sub Zero ice makers.

What is an Ice Maker?

An ice maker, sometimes known as an ice machine or ice generator, is a product located in your freezer. Ice makers produce a modest amount of ice cubes used to chill liquids.

What are the benefits of an Ice Maker?

Convenience! That is the best benefit of having an ice maker. Todays society is about who is the fastest. You want something, you want it now and the idea of an ice maker is exactly that. Fresh compact ice right now. You do not have to worry about carrying from the store' s ice bin. You save the change that you would spend on pounds of ice, which turns into dollars in the long run.

How do Ice Makers work?

When you switch your ice maker on, an electrical indicator is relayed to a water valve to fill the ice frame with water. Next, the freezer starts freezing the water until it receives another indicator that the cubes have reached around 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it is reached that temperature, usually the water is frozen and can be removed where it falls into your ice bucket.

Is there a difference between an Ice Maker and an Ice Machine?

Yes, actually. Even though an ice maker can qualify as an ice machine, they also can refer to two different products. An actual ice machine is a mini form of a full-scale machine that you would see in a restaurant or a hotel. Countertop ice makers/ice machines have no attachment to your refrigerator or a freezer. It is very easy to mix a portable ice maker up with a standard one as they perform the same task at different volumes.

How do I fix my Ice Maker?

Just like anything convenient, you do not appreciate an ice maker as much until it is no longer working. And just like most problems, to solve them, you must start troubleshooting. A couple of common problems with ice makers are the waterline malfunctioning, an issue with the water inlet valve, a clogged filter, or the thermostat being set too low. You can also check your owner  manual to help with common issues and how to resolve them.

Is a filter required to use an Ice Maker?

No, a filter is not required to operate freezer ice makers but like filtered water, you can get the best quality ice if one is present. The filter will remove most of the dirt, minerals, and impediments that affect the taste, purity, and quality of your ice.

Why should you change your Ice Maker filter?

Like air and water filters, an ice maker filter needs to be changed to maintain optimal performance. A dirty overused filter can slow the flow of water as well as allow impurities to be present in your ice. This can cause your ice cubes to come out thin, with minimal ice production, and result in an unusual taste. In the worst case, accumulated debris can even cause your ice maker to stop working completely.

How often should you change your Ice Maker filter?

We recommend that you replace your ice maker filter once every three to six months. This will ensure that it is operating efficiently and will provide crisp and clear ice for your drink of choice!

Let help you find your Replacement Ice Maker

Replacement ice makers can be difficult to shop for. At, we provide the best brands of replacement ice makers to supply your needs such as Electrolux, Samsung, Frigidaire, LG, and Maytag. All ice makers we carry are OEM products, guaranteed to work with any compliant refrigerator. If you are searching for an ice maker or replacement ice maker filter cartridges, makes the process as easy as possible.