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Honeywell UV Surface Treatment System UV100A1059


Honeywell UV Surface Treatment System UV100A1059
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With the Honeywell UV Air Treatment System UV100A1059, you can disinfect your air with the same ultraviolet light technology used in many hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and kitchens. This Honeywell UV Air Treatment System installs easily into your home's heating and cooling system, where the UV light sterilizes mold spores and live, airborne bacteria, effectively preventing them from recirculating through your HVAC system.

UV light disinfection does not kill viruses, and we make no pretenses of it ridding your air completely of viruses or the flu. But by using UV, virus and flu carrying particles can be rendered sterile -- thus disabling the virus or bacteria from reproducing.

The coil irradiation unit will sterilize up to 99.9% of mold on the system's cooling coils (UV surface treatment). If mounted in the return air duct, the ultraviolet light and UV-C energy emitted by Honeywell Ultraviolet Air Purifiers sterilizes up to 75% of airborne bacteria (UV air treatment). Since most viruses infect people by reproducing, ultraviolet air treatment is one of the best ways to neutralize them.

The Honeywell Ultraviolet Surface Treatment System installs downstream of the air conditioner cooling coils to reduce the mold growth and spores on drip pans, coils and duct surfaces. This Ultraviolet Air Cleaner can also be mounted in the return air duct to fight against airborne bacteria.

Honeywell ultraviolet lamps are ozone free and should be replaced yearly. Replacement UV lamps are easily changed using the SnapLamp feature, which allows you to detach your ultraviolet bulb from the handle. The system's power cord plugs directly into a 120 Vac. electrical outlet.

Honeywell UV100A 1059 Ultraviolet Air Cleaner:

Protect your family from viruses and bacteria with an ultraviolet surface or air treatment system from Honeywell, a proud partner of the Health House with the American Lung Association. One of the best methods of cleaning your air, UV air filtration is even more effective when paired with a high efficiency MERV 13 air filter.



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