Spring Source SS-RWF4200A Replacement for Dacor RAC00WFAAAA
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Replacement for Model RF28R6202WW

Spring Source SS-RWF4200A Replacement for Dacor RAC00WFAAAA


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Your body is about 60% water, and the Spring Source SS-RWF4200A Replacement for Dacor RAC00WFAAAA is made to ensure that the water you consume is as pure and delicious as possible! This refrigerator water filter works hard to deliver great-tasting water and clean, clear, healthy ice. A cost-effective OEM alternative, this filter is easy to operate and install. It reduces chlorine and contaminants from your to ensure a crisp taste and healthier water and beverages. It offers a flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute and a 300-gallon capacity. Replacing your filter every 6 months will keep you drinking the tastiest, highest-quality water every day. Your water will taste so fresh and clean that you won' t want to drink anything else!


  • Brand: Spring Source
  • Part Number: SS-RWF4200A
  • Pack Size: 1
  • Filter Life (Months): 6
  • Filter Life (Gallons): 300
  • Filter Media: Carbon Block
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm
  • Operating Pressure: 30 - 125 psi
  • Operating Temperature: 34 - 100 °F
  • NSF Certification(s): 42

Compatible Parts:

The Spring Source SS-RWF4200A Replacement for Dacor RAC00WFAAAA is the correct replacement for the following part numbers:

Part Number
Refresh R-8006
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Compatible Models:

The Spring Source SS-RWF4200A Replacement for Dacor RAC00WFAAAA is correct replacement for the following model numbers:

BrandModel NumberDescription
Dacor DDRR30980RAP Refrigerator
Dacor DDRZ18980LAP Refrigerator
Dacor DFR36C000SR Refrigerator
Dacor DRF365300AP Refrigerator
Dacor DRF365300AP/DA Refrigerator
Dacor DRF36700SR Refrigerator
Dacor DRF367500 Refrigerator
Dacor DRF367500AP Refrigerator
Dacor DRF36C000MT Refrigerator
Dacor DRF36C000MT/DA Refrigerator
Dacor DRF36C000SR Refrigerator
Dacor DRF36C100SR Refrigerator
Dacor DRF36C700 Refrigerator
Dacor DRF36C700SR/DA Refrigerator
Dacor DRF36COOOSR Refrigerator
Dacor DRF425300AP Refrigerator
Dacor DRF427500 Refrigerator
Dacor DRR24980 Refrigerator
Dacor DRR24980RAP Refrigerator
Dacor DRR30980 Refrigerator
Dacor DRR36980 Refrigerator
Dacor DRR36980LAP Refrigerator
Dacor DRR36980RAP Refrigerator
Dacor DRZ18980 Refrigerator
Dacor DRZ24980 Refrigerator
Dacor DRZ30980 Refrigerator
Dacor DRZ30980LAP Refrigerator
Dacor DRZ36980 Refrigerator
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Samsung RS27T5561SR/AA Refrigerator
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Customer Reviews:

Total Reviews: 8 | Average Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

William Lawrence2023-11-16

Works well at a fair price. A bit tricky to install

Collected by Trustpilot.com

filters shipped on time.quality is good.

Collected by Trustpilot.com

As good as OEM at less than half the price

Collected by Trustpilot.com
Vanessa Vasquez2023-04-07

Great product, good price and fast shipping.

Collected by Trustpilot.com

Right product and quick service.

Collected by Trustpilot.com
Andrea Mayo2022-12-20

It’s not the filter, it’s the fridge. It was hard getting the filter in.

Collected by Trustpilot.com
Kristin B.2022-03-17

Works perfectly!

Collected by Trustpilot.com

no problems

Collected by Trustpilot.com

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