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GXRTQ Quick Connect Water Filter System


GXRTQ Quick Connect Water Filter System
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Discontinued Product Read Description.

The GXRTQ has been discontinued. Please see our entire line of in-line water filters for a suitable replacement.

The GXRTQ Quick Connect In-line Water Filter can be easily installed to the water line going to any brand or make of refrigerator that has a water and/or ice dispenser.

The GXRTQ includes parts for standard Quick Connect installations. Additional Tools such as a tube cutter or wrench may be necessary for some installations.

The GXRTQ is NSF/ANSI Tested & Certified to reduce the following contaminants in your water:

  • Chlorine Taste & Odor
  • Sediment & Rust

The GE GXRTQ Specifications:

  • Flow Rate: .5 GPM
  • Pressure Range: 25-125 psi
  • Max Temp: 100 Degrees Farenheit
  • Installs on 1/4" Copper or Plastic Water Line
  • Auto Shut-Off feature allows for easy changing of filter cartridge (GXRTDR)
  • Features Filter Change Sticker To Write Date On
  • Filter Capacity: 2000 Gallons or 6 months
  • Includes Fittings For Water Line

You should replace the GXRTDR cartridge every six months or if your water has a bad taste or odor. The GXRTQ system previously used the GXRTQR as a replacement cartridge, but it has been discontinued and replaced with the GXRTDR.


GXRTQ Quick Connect Water Filter System Product Reviews :

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Number of reviews : 9
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  •   GXRTQR filter - used this instead
    Steven S - Austin  

    I have been using the GXRTQR filter for years, but could not find it anymore.
    I bought a Whirlpool WHKF-IMPLUS and it works fine as a replacement! Just be sure to transfer the screw-in quick connect adapters from the GXRTQR filter body to the Whirlpool filter, and you're
    good to go.

  •   A replacement
    Mike - Austin, TX  

    If you use a nut type hose connection, you may remove the quick connection ends and directly connect an EcoPure (ep-inl30) filter.

  •   Bring this product back!
    Raymond Williams - Southfield, Michigan  

    Not a good idea to discontinue this product. I replaced my GXRTQ filter with the new quick connect replacement on my copper lines. As soon as I pushed the refrigerator back into place, the connections leaked. I never had that problem on the GXRTQ filter.

  •   GXRTQ
    JOHN REDDINGTON - Pittsfield,Mass.  


  •   GE Ice maker filter
    BB - Arizona  

    If GE will not bring this filter back I'm
    sure someone will make a replacement with quick connects. I will spend my money at that company instead.

  •   GXRTQR - water filter for icemaker
    Lee McNair - Dallas, Texas  

    DITTO, the previous remarks. Discontinued this product was a bad idea. I had no problems with it and don't like the idea of cutting the line. Where can I get this item?...If I can't get it, will stop buying GE products

  •   Walter Filter ice maker
    Denise - Chatham Ontario  

    Using this filter for 10 years or more and now have to change to another system. I like the quick connect. Could you bring it back the GXRTQ.

  •   GXRTQR filter
    Alice Sullivan - Buffalo, NY  

    Ditto John's remarks. I went to buy a replacement and non was available. Can I buy it any where?

  •   GXRTQR - GE icewater filter

    I have been using this product for several years with excellant results. Once quick disconnect fittings are installed on existing in & out water lines, it was very easy to change out.

    Where can I purchase this GXTRQ(R)filter?

    I am dissapointed that GE does not stock or has discontiuned this design.

    The new design without quick disconnect fittings appears to have a potenial problem for leaks and I am afraid to try!

    I am now using a different brand filter, designed without quick disconnect fittings but with normal water line connection fittings. This is a very positive conection.

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