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Filtrete Ultra Allergen Air Filter - 1500 (Purple)

Ultra Allergen

Filtrete Ultra Allergen Air Filter - 1500 (Purple)
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Filtrete Ultra Allergen (Purple) :


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Ships by Tomorrow 3/28/2015

Due to stock limitations, you may receive a compatible filter.

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The 3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen air filter reduces the following contaminants from your air:

  • Smog
  • Smoke
  • Pollen
  • Bacteria
  • Pet dander
  • Mold spores
  • Household dust
  • Dust mite debris
  • Virus carrying particles

The Filtrete Ultra Allergen Air Filter boasts a Filtrete 1500 MPR rating and is one of the best-performing furnace filters on the market. Not only will the Ultra Allergen Filter use its electrostatically charged fibers to attract and retain micro-particles & airborne allergens but it will also capture bacteria and particles that can carry viruses. The Filtrete Ultra Allergen Filter provides an even better airflow than the Micro Allergen Filter, with 15% lower resistance.

The "Purple" Filtrete Filter removes the following airborne contaminants:


When ingested into the human body pollen causes the immune system to produce large amounts of antibodies, which in turn causes chemicals such as histamines to be released. The release of these chemicals causes the body to experience symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes.

Mold Spores

When mold found in wood, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, paint, carpet, sheet rock, and insulation is disturbed, mold spores are released into the air. Mold spores can cause symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchy or watery eyes.

Dust Mite Debris

A combination of dead skin and dust mite feces, this debris lives in our beds, chairs, couches, and our children's stuffed animals. Dust Mite Debris is almost as effective as pollen at causing symptoms such as sneezing, running nose, and watery eyes.


Cigarette, cigar, fireplace, and wood burning stove smoke contain very tiny particles composed of wood tar, gases, soot, and ashes that can cause severe irritation and allergic reaction in some people and even trigger bronchitis or asthma attacks in others. Smoke also contains carcinogens which could also lead to lung disease and cancer.

Pet Dander

Pet dander is comprised of tiny pieces of skin that come off of your dog or cat when they scratch. This dander either floats, suspended in the air or stick to whatever they land on. Allergies to pet dander can be very serious including symptoms such as swollen eyes and throat, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, or even asthma attacks.

Household Dust

Dust accumulates everywhere in your home; carpets, tables, TV screens, clothes, walls, etc. Simply walking around in your home may disturb or "stir up" dust into the air which can irritate your immune system.


Even if you live in the remote countryside in a small town with little to no industry chances are the air in your home contains smog. Smog, a combination of smoke and fog, makes its way from urban/industrial areas of the world right to your doorstep on the wind. Breathing in smog for prolonged periods of time can not only cause allergic symptoms such as watery eyes, and running nose, but also more serious respiratory issues such as wheezing, coughing, asthma attack, and sore throat.


Airborne bacteria can be found any and everywhere. While some bacteria is beneficial to us, "bad bacteria" can cause problems such as pneumonia, strep, staph and many other infections. Only the highest quality air filters can remove bacteria and prevent its growth once trapped.

Virus Carrying Particles

Like bacteria, viruses can be found just about anywhere but are rarely helpful to the human body. Viruses can attach themselves to just about any particle and once disturbed can become airborne. Once inside our cells viruses can wreak havoc on our immune systems with diseases from everything from the common cold to the flu and chickenpox, to Ebola. Avoiding viruses wherever possible is always a good idea.  

This air filter lasts 3 months and meets the American Lung Association Health House Indoor Air Quality Guidelines.

The 3M Filtrete "Purple" Ultra Allergen Air Filter is available in the following sizes and part numbers:

Sizes marked with * are not eligible to be moved up to the Filtrete Dark Blue series (Ultimate Allergen)

Available Sizes               Part Numbers

10x20x1 10x20 2007 2007-6
12x12x1 12x12 2010 2010-6
12x20x1* 12x20 2019 2019-6
12x24x1 12x24 2020 2020-6
12x30x1* 12x30 2042 2042-6
12x36x1* 12x36 2014 2014-6
14x14x1 14x14 2011 2011-6
14x20x1 14x20 2005 2005-6
14x24x1 14x24 2023 2023-6
14x25x1 14x25 2004 2004-6
14x30x1 14x30 2024 2024-6
14x36x1* 14x36 2044 2044-6
15x20x1* 15x20 2006 2006-6
16x16x1 16x16 2016 2016-6
16x20x1 16x20 2000 2000-6
16x24x1* 16x24 2025 2025-6
16x25x1 16x25 2001 2001-6
16x30x1* 16x30 2027 2027-6
17.5x23.5x1 17.5x23.5 2029 2029-6
18x18x1 18x18 2017 2017-6
18x24x1 18x24 2021 2021-6
18x30x1* 18x30 2028 2028-6
20x20x1 20x20 2002 2002-6
20x24x1 20x24 2026 2026-6
20x25x1 20x25 2003 2003-6
20x30x1 20x30 2022 2022-6
22x22x1* 22x22 2031 2031-6
23.5x23.5x1 23.5x23.5 2030 2030-6
24x24x1 24x24 2012 2012-6
24x30x1 24x30 2013 2013-6
25x25x1* 25x25 2015 2015-6

Microparticle Performance Rating represents the effectiveness of a filter at capturing the smallest airborne particles measured in the industry standard test. This Filtrete filter received an MPR 1500 and MERV 11 rating.

Filtrete Air Filter  

Installation instructions included on packaging.


Filtrete Ultra Allergen Air Filter - 1500 (Purple) Product Reviews :

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Number of reviews : 3
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  •   Filtrete, 1500 Ultra Allergen
    John - Orlando, FL  

    For ten years or more, we have used the 3M 1500 Ultra Allergen filters in our air conditioning and home heating
    system. Anything less is not acceptable to us a good product. JG

  •   Exceptional Results
    Robert A. Ray - United States  

    There are no wordsto describe this phenominal product. I am sold on it for life.

  •   Good
    Liberto - US  


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