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You depend on your home appliances to help keep things like your clothes and dishes clean, but when was the last time you cleaned the appliance itself? Just like most things, these essential machines need to be cleaned too! Maintenance for dishwashers and washing machines is made simple thanks to appliance cleaners! These specially formulated cleaners will target the dirt, grime, and
scale that can slow your machine down and make it less effective at keeping things clean.

What are the benefits they provide?

Not all cleaners are created equally, but in general, dishwasher cleaners will go to work to remove grease, limescale, and food buildup so your dishwasher can continue to operate as efficiently as possible. Some cleaners will also offer odor-eliminating so you can say so-long to your smelly dishwashing machine! Giving your dishwasher the occasional clean will help you ensure your dishes are clean and your machine lasts. Washing machine cleaners work similarly as they will destroy residue, odors, and limescale, and some cleaners will even get rid of fungus, mold, and bacteria. Cleaning your washer regularly can help increase the longevity of the appliance but will also help get your clothes cleaner and fresher. If you’re sick of smelling your stinky kitchen sink, keeping a sink cleaner on hand can help eliminate those pesky odors that food waste leaves behind. Plus, humidifiers are also appliances that is hard to clean, so a humidifier cleaner is a must-have! Appliance cleaners are a great way to keep your most-used appliances in your kitchen or laundry room super clean!

How do I know which Appliance Cleaner is right for me?

There are many different appliance cleaners on the market that offer different benefits, there are even some appliance brand-specific cleaners out there. When it comes to deciding which appliance cleaner is best, you’ll want to make sure that the cleaner is compatible with your appliance and if it offers removal or reduction of the contaminants that you want to get rid of.

If you’re interested in a type of cleaner, it’s a good idea to do some research to ensure it will get the job done. Probiotic appliance cleaners are new to the market and feature a triple-action formula with odor-eliminating, probiotic, and surfactant activity. Other appliance cleaners on the market will kill germs and bacteria in your dishwasher and can disinfect as well as remove unsightly stains.

Another helpful tip is to read reviews of the cleaner you’re considering to see the overall sentiment of the performance before making your purchase.

We are proud to offer a selection of appliance cleaners for dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, and even humidifier cleaners. Choose from popular brands like SmartChoiceGlistenCrane, and more!

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