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When it comes to air quality, most usually think about the outdoors. However, the most concerning environment is indoor air quality. The levels of indoor air contaminants can be up to 5 times higher than outdoor ones, as stated by the EPA.

If you’re concerned about the purity of the air in your residence, a home air quality test is the best way to find out. Air quality tests come equipped with tools and containers needed to collect the sample so it can be sent to a lab.

What are the benefits Air Test Kits provide?

An air quality test kit aids those who are concerned about their home’s environment. The most important benefit is the knowledge of the result, which will give peace of mind. Once you’ve discovered what pollutants are in your home, you can target them specifically.

This can result in a better aroma in your home, leaving it odor-free. Plus, by utilizing indoor air quality tests, you may even see your health improve. You can reduce energy costs by running a more effective filter system, saving your HVAC, and leaving more money in your wallet.

How do I know which Air Test Kit is right for me?

Searching for the right air quality test can be easier said than done. To choose the correct product you’ll need to consider three factors:

1) Ease of Use

Since utilizing air test kits is usually a do-it-yourself affair, it’s important that using the kit is simple. You want to avoid messing the test up and then needing to retest until you get it right.

It would also be ideal to be aware of how long examinations of the tests can take. This will remove frustrations and you’ll have an idea of when you should expect results.

2) Knowing What Contaminants the Kit Tests For

Unfortunately, home air quality kits don’t test for all the same impurities. Different air quality tests look for different pollutants such as carbon monoxide, airborne chemicals, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

You’ll need to be selective about your choice so that you avoid needless results. A good idea is to grab the kit that covers a specific contaminant that you’re concerned about.

3) Price

The cost of the indoor air quality test is the last factor you should keep in mind when seeking the best option. The type of contaminants the test targets will affect this, which is why it’s good to know what pollutant you’re looking to remove. You’ll also want to find out whether sending your samples to the lab will add any further fees.

In addition, we recommend looking online for reviews on your product. You’ll find out how reputable the manufacturer is and get a good picture of the process of testing and receiving results.

If you’re looking for quality air test kits, you've come to the right place!

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