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Installing a new dishwasher? Most dishwashers do not have built-in backflow prevention. When a kitchen sink becomes backed-up or tubbing gets clogged, this can send dirty, contaminated water into the clean water supply. Backflow contains food particles and other contaminants that can flood the inside of our dishwasher and can cause bad odors. Most plumbing codes require backflow prevention.

A dishwasher air gap will prevent dirty drain water from funneling into your dishwasher and contaminating your dishes. Your dishwasher drains its runoff into your kitchen sink drain, but there is a possibility that it will push the filthy water back into your dishwasher. Some dishwashers come equipped with a drain hose that is looped upward and attached to the bottom of the countertop.

How an air gap works

Air gaps separate the hose that runs the dirty water away from the hose that runs into the garbage disposal. The dishwasher drain hose runs from the dishwasher and curves upward, while the other drain line carries the wastewater down towards the drain. In the middle of the two branches is an air gap where the water pours out of the open mouth of the tube and down to the second branch. Since these hoses are separate, there is no risk of wastewater contaminating your dishwasher. Most air gaps feature a decorative heading with notches and holes. These holes will release water if your drain becomes clogged or the tubing is obstructed.

Dishwasher air gap installation

Dishwasher air gaps are usually mounted beneath your sink on our countertop. Air gaps come with a decorative heading that is installed above the counter near the sink faucet. While you can install a dishwasher air gap yourself, we recommend contacting a plumbing professional to have it properly installed. The price of dishwasher air gap installation may vary.

While there are dishwasher air gap alternatives out there, air gaps are the most effective way to prevent contaminated water from entering your dishwasher.

Still not sure if you need a dishwasher air gap? Check out our Filtered Files blog where we explain in more detail about what a dishwasher air gap is and if you need one. 

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