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3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen Air Filters 6-Pack

Purple 6-PACK

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3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen Air Filters 6-Pack
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Product Information

Note: When you order a selected size Ultra Allergen Filtrete filter, it will automatically be upgraded to the Filtrete Ultimate Allergen series at no additional charge. Please see the chart below for the filter sizes available for upgrade.

Live healthy and enjoy the air around you with the Filtrete 1500 Ultra Allergen 6-Pack replacement air filter designed for allergy sufferers in your home. You need to know that the air inside your home can be upwards of 100 times more polluted than outdoor air, according the EPA. That means we need to be proactive and fight for control of our indoor air quality. But how did it get so bad? After the energy crisis in the 1970s homes were built differently. Our windows and doors now form a tighter seal when closed. There are fewer gaps in our attics and basements. This saves us on energy costs but also means the same air full of pollen, pet dander, smoke, bacteria and viruses among so many others are recirculated, over-and-over again.

Do you suffer from allergies? Common symptoms of poor air quality range from congestion, coughing and sneezing, to headaches, trouble breathing and even asthma. We can't tell you this filter will solve all of your issues overnight, but it is going to help. When you run your air conditioner the air inside your home moves. This air will eventually be pulled into the electrostatic charged filter media where these airborne particles less than 1 microns in size that cause allergies are captured. In addition to replacing air filters as recommended, regularly clean surfaces, vacuum, and limit the amount of smoke produced from cooking or smoking tobacco, and soon you can free yourself from the burden of bad air quality and start to breathe easy.

This allergy air filter lasts 3 months and meets the American Lung Association Health House Indoor Air Quality Guidelines.

The 3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen 6-Pack reduces the following contaminants from your air:

  • Smog
  • Smoke
  • Pollen
  • Bacteria
  • Pet dander
  • Mold spores
  • Household dust
  • Dust mite debris
  • Virus carrying particles

This Ultra Allergen filter is available in the following sizes and part numbers:

* - Denotes selected sizes available for upgrade.

Available Sizes     Part Numbers

10x20x1 10x20 2007 2007-6
12x12x1* 12x12 2010 2010-6
12x20x1* 12x20 2019 2019-6
12x24x1 12x24 2020 2020-6
12x30x1* 12x30 2042 2042-6
12x36x1* 12x36 2014 2014-6
14x14x1* 14x14 2011 2011-6
14x20x1 14x20 2005 2005-6
14x24x1* 14x24 2023 2023-6
14x25x1 14x25 2004 2004-6
14x30x1 14x30 2024 2024-6
14x36x1* 14x36 2044 2044-6
15x20x1* 15x20 2006 2006-6
16x16x1 16x16 2016 2016-6
16x20x1 16x20 2000 2000-6
16x24x1* 16x24 2025 2025-6
16x25x1* 16x25 2001 2001-6
16x30x1* 16x30 2027 2027-6
17.5x23.5x1* 17.5x23.5 2029 2029-6
18x18x1 18x18 2017 2017-6
18x24x1* 18x24 2021 2021-6
18x30x1* 18x30 2028 2028-6
20x20x1 20x20 2002 2002-6
20x24x1* 20x24 2026 2026-6
20x25x1* 20x25 2003 2003-6
20x30x1* 20x30 2022 2022-6
22x22x1* 22x22 2031 2031-6
23.5x23.5x1* 23.5x23.5 2030 2030-6
24x24x1* 24x24 2012 2012-6
24x30x1* 24x30 2013 2013-6
25x25x1* 25x25 2015 2015-6

MPR or Microparticle Performance Rating represents the effectiveness of a filter at capturing the smallest airborne particles measured in the industry standard test. This Ultra Allergen filter received MPR 1500. Merv 11.

Filtrete Air Filter  

Installation instructions included on packaging.


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