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Replacement for Model GeneralAire 1042R

GeneralAire 800-UST Self-Tap Saddle Valve Kit


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The GeneralAire 800-UST Self-Tap Saddle Valve Kit is the correct replacement component for the following General Air models:

  • General Aire Legacy 65 Drum Humidifiers
  • General Aire Legacy 81 Drum Humidifiers
  • General Aire Legacy 800 Drum Humidifiers
  • General Aire Legacy SL-16 Humidifiers
  • General Aire Legacy 709 Series Humidifiers: 709, 709L, 709LH, 709R
  • General Aire Legacy 1040 Series Humidifiers: 1040, 1040L, 1040LH, 1040R
  • General Aire Legacy 1042 Series Humidifiers: 1042, 1042L, 1042LH, 1042R
  • General Aire Legacy 1099 Series Humidifiers: 1099, 1099L, 1099LH, 1099R
  • General Aire Legacy 1137 Series Humidifiers: 1137, 1137R

The General Air 8022 is a Self-Tap Saddle Valve Kit which can be mounted on either a cold or hot water pipe to secure the 1/4" O.D. tubing directly to the General Aire humidifier unit. It may be used as a replacement part for General Air Legacy 709, 1040, 1042, 1099, and 1137 Series humidifiers, GeneralAir Legacy SL-16 Humidifiers, General Aire 747 Series Drum Humidifiers, as well as General Aire Legacy 81, 65 and 800 drum humidifiers. Using GeneralAir humidifiers is an effective way to add comfort to your living environment, improve your breathing, and provide you with a healthier home. 

General Aire 800UST Self-Tap Saddle Valve Kit Specifications:

  • Part Number: 8022, 800UST or 800-UST
  • Includes 1 Self-Tap Saddle Valve Kit
  • Easy installation
  • Mounted on either a cold or a hot water pipe to secure 1/4" O.D. tubing to humidifier unit
  • Do not use plastic tubing on hot water or in contact with any hot plenum surface or duct 
  • Installation of this Saddle Valve must meet or exceed local codes and ordinances 
  • Replacement component for General Air Legacy 709 Series, 1040 Series, 1042 Series, 1137 Series, and 1099 Series Humidifiers; General Air Legacy SL16 Humidifiers, General Air Legacy 747 Drum Humidifier Series; GeneralAire Legacy 65 Drum Humidifiers, General Aire Legacy 81 Drum Humidifiers, and GeneralAir Legacy 800 Drum Humidifiers

General Aire humidifier systems and components should be maintained in accordance with specific model instructions. This may require regular replacement of filters, evaporator pads, as well as cleaning or washing the unit. GeneralAire can also be written as General Aire, General Air and GeneralAir.

Compatible Models:

The GeneralAire 800-UST Self-Tap Saddle Valve Kit is correct replacement for the following model numbers:

BrandModel NumberDescription
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1040Humidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1040LHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1040LHHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1040RHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1042Humidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1042LHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1042LHHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1042RHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1099Humidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1099LHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1099LHHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1099RHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1137Humidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 1137RHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 65Humidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 709Humidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 709LHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 709LHHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 709RHumidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 800Humidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire 81Humidifier part
GeneralAireGeneralAire SL-16Humidifier part
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