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KitchenAid Dryer Lint Screen Filter 8557857


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Retail: $44.99
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Product Information

The 8557857 is the correct replacement for the following models:

  • 7MWG66720SN0, LER5636PT0, LGR5636PQ1, WED5600ST0, WGD5600VQ0, 1CWD5100VQ0, 7MWG66725WW0, LER5636PT1, LGR5636PT0, WED5600VQ0, WGD5700SW0, 1CWED5100VQ0, 7MWG66725WW1, LER6611PQ0, LGR5636PT1, WED5700SW0, WGD5700VH0, 1CWED5100VQ1, 7MWG66740SG0, LER6620PQ0, LGR6611PQ0, WED5700VH0, WGD5700VH1, 1CWED5200VQ0, 7MWG66740SM0, LER6620PQ1, LGR6620PQ0, WED5700VH1, WGD5700VW0, 1CWED5200VQ1, 7MWG66740SW0, LER6620PT0, LGR6620PQ1, WED5700VW0, WGD5700VW1, 1CWED5300VW0, 7MWG66800WQ0, LER6620PT1, LGR6620PT0, WED5700VW1, WGD5790SQ0, 1CWED5700VW0, 7MWG77900SB0, LER6621PQ0, LGR6620PT1, WED5790SQ0, WGD5790ST0, 1CWGD5100VQ1, 7MWG77900SW0, LER6636PW0, LGR6621PQ0, WED5790ST0, WGD5790VQ0, 1CWGD5200VQ0, 7MWG87600SM0, LER6636PW1, LGR6636PW0, WED5790VQ0, WGD5790VQ1, 1CWGD5200VQ1, 7MWG87640SW0, LER6646PW0, LGR6636PW1, WED5790VQ1, WGD5800SG0, 1CWGD5300SQ0, 7MWG87660SM0, LER6646PW1, LGR6646PW0, WED5800SG0, WGD5800SW0, 1CWGD5300VW0, 7MWG99930VH0, LER7648PQ0, LGR6646PW1, WED5800SW0, WGD5810SW0, 1CWGD5700VW0, 7MWG99930VW0, LER7648PQ1, LGR7648PQ0, WED5810SW0, WGD5820SW0, 1CWGD5790SQ0, AED4475TQ0, LER7648PT0, LGR7648PQ1, WED5820SW0, WGD5821SW0, 1CWGD5790VQ0, AED4475TQ1, LER7648PT1, LGR7648PT0, WED5821SW0, WGD5830SW0, 1CWGD5790VQ1, AGD4475TQ1, LER8620PG0, LGR7648PT1, WED5830SW0, WGD5840SG0, 1CWGD5850SW0, GEW9878PG0, LER8620PG1, LGR8620PG0, WED5840SG0, WGD5840SW0, 4KAED4475TQ0, GEW9878PG1, LER8620PW0, LGR8620PG1, WED5840SW0, WGD5850SG0, 4KMEDC405WQ0, GEW9878PW0, LER8620PW1, LGR8620PW0, WED5850SG0, WGD5850SW0, 4KWED5790VW0, GEW9878PW1, LER8648PG0, LGR8620PW1, WED5850SW0, WGD5856SG0, 7MLGC9545PW0, GGW9878PG0, LER8648PG1, LGR8648PG0, WED5860SG0, WGD5860SW0, 7MLGC9900PW0, GGW9878PG1, LER8648PQ0, LGR8648PG1, WED5860SW0, WGD5900SB0, 7MLGD8900PW0, GGW9878PW0, LER8648PQ1, LGR8648PQ0, WED5900SB0, WGD5900SW0, 7MLGQ8000PW0, GGW9878PW1, LER8648PW0, LGR8648PQ1, WED5900SW0, YAED4475TQ1, 7MLGQ8857PQ0, LEB6200PQ0, LER8648PW1, LGR8648PW0, WGD5100VQ0, YLEN1000PQ0, 7MLGQ8857PT0, LEB6200PQ1, LGB6200PQ0, LGR8648PW1, WGD5100VQ1, YLEN1000PQ1, 7MLGR5620PQ0, LEB6300PW0, LGB6200PQ1, WED5100VQ0, WGD5200VQ0, YLEN2000PW1, 7MLGR5620PT0, LEB6300PW1, LGB6300PW0, WED5100VQ1, WGD5200VQ1, YLEQ5000PW0, 7MLGR7648PG0, LEC9000PW0, LGB6300PW1, WED5200VQ0, WGD5300SQ0, YLEQ5000PW1, 7MLGR7648PQ0, LEC9000PW1, LGC9000PW0, WED5200VQ1, WGD5300ST0, YLER4000RQ0, 7MLGR7648PT0, LEN1000PQ0, LGC9000PW1, WED5300SQ0, WGD5300VW0, YLER4000RQ1, 7MLGR7648PW0, LEN1000PQ1, LGN1000PQ0, WED5300ST0, WGD5300VW1, YLER5636PQ0, 7MLGR8620PW0, LEN2000PG0, LGN1000PQ1, WED5300VW0, WGD5310SQ0, YLER5636PQ1, 7MLGR8620PW1, LEN2000PG1, LGN2000PG0, WED5310SQ0, WGD5320SQ0, YLER8648PW0, 7MMEP0080WW0, LEN2000PW0, LGN2000PG1, WED5320SQ0, WGD5321SQ0, YLER8648PW1, 7MMEP0080WW1, LEN2000PW1, LGN2000PW0, WED5321SQ0, WGD5500SQ0, YWED5200VQ0, 7MNGH8000TQ0, LEQ5000PW0, LGN2000PW1, WED5500SQ0, WGD5500ST0, YWED5200VQ1, 7MNGH8000TT0, LEQ9030PQ0, LGQ9030PQ0, WED5500ST0, WGD5510VQ0, YWED5300SQ0, 7MWG66007XQ0, LEQ9030PQ1, LGQ9030PQ1, WED5510VQ0, WGD5510VQ1, YWED5700SW0, 7MWG66700SQ0, LEQ9508PG0, LGQ9508PG0, WED5510VQ1, WGD5520SQ0, YWED5700VH0, 7MWG66700SQ1, LEQ9508PG1, LGQ9508PG1, WED5520SQ0, WGD5521SQ0, YWED5700VH1, 7MWG66700ST0, LEQ9508PW0, LGQ9508PW0, WED5521SQ0, WGD5530SQ0, YWED5700VW0, 7MWG66700ST1, LEQ9508PW1, LGQ9508PW1, WED5530SQ0, WGD5540SQ0, YWED5700VW1, 7MWG66705WM0, LEQ9857PW0, LGQ9857PW0, WED5540SQ0, WGD5540ST0, YWED5800SW0, 7MWG66705WM1, LEQ9858PG0, LGQ9858PG0, WED5540ST0, WGD5550SQ0, YWGD5300VW0, 7MWG66705WT0, LEQ9858PG1, LGQ9858PG1, WED5550SQ0, WGD5550ST0, YWGD5300VW1, 7MWG66705WT1, LEQ9858PW0, LGQ9858PW0, WED5550ST0, WGD5560SQ0, LER5636PQ1, 7MWG66720SM0, LEQ9858PW1, LGQ9858PW1, WED5560SQ0, WGD5600SQ0, WGD5600ST0, WED5600SQ0, LER5636PQ0, LGR5636PQ

The KitchenAid Dryer Lint Screen Filter 8557857 is a dryer lint screen filter for several different brands of clothes dryers, including KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Kenmore, and Roper. This KitchenAid dryer lint filter fits on the top of the dryer and is easy to use and install. This lint filter, also known by part number 8557857, is approximately 17 1/2 inches in length and is essential to the operation of your clothes dryer.

KitchenAid Dryer Lint Screen Filter 8557857 Specifications:

  • White handle
  • Approximate length: 17 1/2"
  • Replaces the 8557882 and 348851


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