Filbur FC-1973 Replacement For Purex Pentair DM 180
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Filbur FC-1973 Replacement For Purex Pentair DM 180


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Retail: $199.99
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The Filbur FC-1973 is a compatible replacement for the following pool and spa filters:

  • Purex/Pentair DM 180
  • Purex DM 175
  • Pentair Pool Products/Purex R173582
  • Pentair Pool Products/Purex 178571
  • Unicel C-8405
  • Aladdin 28001

The Filbur FC-1973 Pool Filter Cartridge is a compatible swimming pool filter designed for in-ground swimming pools and spas. This pool filter features center cores constructed of punched PVC pipe for consistent water flow. A free flow core will extend the life of your filter, enhance filtration and give your pump optimum performance. This filter features genuine Reemay spunbound polyester media, with antimicrobial end caps and strong bands to support the pleats while extending the life of your pool or spa filter.

Filbur FC-1973 Specifications:

  • Part Number: FC-1973
  • Sharp pleat folds
  • Top/Bottom dimension: 4"
  • Length dimension: 39"
  • Width (Diameter): 8 7/8"
  • Thermally bonded end caps for durability
  • Cartridge size (square ft. of filter area): 180
  • Genuine Reemay Spunbound Polyester filtration fabric

Do not attempt to adjust, assemble or disassemble your Filbur FC-1973 pool filter cartridge when there is pressurized air in your system. If the pump is started with any pressurized air in the system, this can cause the filter lid to be blown off which could result in serious property damage or personal injury. Before purchasing your pool filter cartridge, be sure to correctly measure your filter for an accurate fit. Here's how to measure your cartridge:

  • Measure the outside diameter of your pool filter cartridge in inches.
  • Measure the length of the pool filter cartridge from end cap to end cap. Do not include handles or threaded bottoms in your measurement.
  • Identify your end cap configuration. Check to see if is threaded with a handle, or open on both sides. If it is open measure the inner diameter of the filter hole.
  • Count the number of pleats to better identify the cartridge. This will give you the square footage of your pool filter cartridge.

How to properly clean your spa filter cartridge:

  • When there is a visible decrease in pressure coming from your return jets or when the pressure gauge on your filter tank reaches 8 psi after a new cartridge is installed, then it is time to clean your filter.
  • First, remove your spa filter from its canister, then use a garden hose to loosen any debris wedged in between each pleat. Avoid using a stiff brush or high-pressure washer that could damage your filter media.
  • Soak your Filbur FC-1973 filter in a commercially prepared cartridge cleaner to remove any oil and organic material. For stubborn stains, soak your filter cartridge in a solution of one quart household bleach to 5 gallons of water overnight.
  • Exercise extreme caution when handling chemicals.
    Rinse your Filbur spa/hot tub filter with clean water, then reinstall it into the filter tank. It is crucial that you remove or reinstall your filter, as well as restart your filtration system according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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