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3M Filtrete AP110 Whole House Water Filter Cartridge - 2-Pack

AP110 2 Pack

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The 3M Filtrete AP110 Whole House Water Filter Cartridge - 2-Pack features a grooved design and an exclusive graded density design that allows for up to 30% longer life than most filters in its same class. This 5 micron water filter can withstand extreme pressure drops and stress such as water hammer.


  • Brand: 3M Aqua-Pure
  • Part Number: AP110
  • 3M ID Number: 7000029441
  • Pack Size: 2
  • Filter Life: 6 Months
  • Micron Rating: 5
  • Flow rate: 8 gpm
  • Dimensions: 9 3/4" x 2 1/2"
  • Operating Temperature: 100 Degrees

How do you install the 3M Filtrete AP110?

  1. A11T: Shut off inlet and outlet valves, depress pressure relief button on top of filter head to relieve pressure in filter. AP101T, AP141T and AP102T: Turn valve handle to “OFF” position. The inlet and outlet lines are now closed off from the filter chamber and the pressure has been released at the built-in vent port.
  2. Unscrew housing to the left from the filter head and remove cartridge, emptying water from housing.
  3. Clean and inspect all components. Lubricate o-ring with a silicone based lubricant. Replace o-ring seal if there is visible damage.
  4. Install new 3M Filtrete AP110 cartridge into housing, over centering post if you have a two-high unit.
  5. Place lubricated o-ring on the housing. Screw housing to the right firmly onto head until a definite stop is felt and cartridge is sealed. Hand tight is sufficient. However, be sure not to overtighten or force housing.
  6. A11T: Turn on inlet valve and depress pressure relief button until air is purged from filter. Release button and turn on outlet valve. AP101T, AP141T and AP102T: Turn valve hand to the “ON” Position. Wait until filter is filled with water and check for leaks. Open and close the valve once to released trapped air. Allow a slight pause in the “OFF” position. Replace cartridge when there is a decided drop in water flow at the faucet or tap.

How often should you replace the 3M Filtrete AP110?

  • Changing your 3M Filtrete AP110 is a very quick and easy process that should be done once every six months.

What contaminants does the 3M Filtrete AP110 reduce?

  • The 3M Filtrete AP110 reduces the following contaminants:

    • Rust
    • Sediment

Compatible Parts:

The 3M Filtrete AP110 Whole House Water Filter Cartridge - 2-Pack is the correct replacement for the following part numbers:

Part Number
WHIRLPOOL 56204-06
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Compatible Models:

The 3M Filtrete AP110 Whole House Water Filter Cartridge - 2-Pack is correct replacement for the following model numbers:

BrandModel NumberDescription
3M Aqua Pure AQUA-PURE AP101 Whole House Filters
3M Aqua Pure AQUA-PURE AP101T Whole House Filters
3M Aqua Pure AQUA-PURE AP102 Whole House Filters
3M Aqua Pure AQUA-PURE AP11 Whole House Filters
3M Aqua-Pure AP101S System
3M Aqua-Pure AP101T System
3M Aqua-Pure AP102S System
3M Aqua-Pure AP102T System
3M Aqua-Pure AP11S System
3M Aqua-Pure AP12S System
3M Aqua-Pure AP12T System
3M Aqua-Pure AP1610 System
3M Aqua-Pure AP2610 System
3M Aqua-Pure FHO-34-S-S System
3M Aqua-Pure FHO-34-SS-S System
3M Aqua-Pure FHT-34-S System
3M Aqua-Pure FHT-34SS-S System
3M Aqua-Pure P11T System
3M Aqua-Pure SST1 System
3M Aqua-Pure SST2 System
3M Aqua-Pure USO-14-S System
3M Aqua-Pure USOM-38-S System
3M Aqua-Pure UST-38 System
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Customer Reviews:

Total Reviews: 11 | Average Rating: 5 / 5.0


Excellent Product

Collected by

My husband and I have used these filters for years. I was told by my plumber to have them on hand, and I would save money instead of him having to provide it. So I now have them ready for the next two changes.

Collected by
Nancye Rozier2023-03-18

We have been using this product for years and find these filters do a good job.

Collected by
Dennis E2022-08-20

Works as advertised.

Collected by
Richard w Mayesky2022-07-10

well worth the money

Collected by

It"s a water filter. It fits the housing and it works. I don't like the price increases but who does?

Collected by
Howard Williams Jr.2022-05-28

Best deal happy

Collected by

The filters are what I need and thank you for the prompt service

Collected by

These filters are the only ones that work properly in our filter. Glad to find genuine 3M at a good price. Often can only find generics in the big box stores.

Collected by

They work and seem to hold a fair amount of iron.

Collected by

These filters work great and are reasonably priced. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs filters of the type they sell!

Collected by

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