Aquasana EQ-300 Whole House System

The Aquasana Rhino EQ-300 whole house filtration system is such a wise investment for homeowners. It is recommended for use in households with up to 2,500 square feet with up to 2.5 baths. The EQ-300 system is the only household filter system today that is NSF certified for removal of more than 99% of the chlorine in the water. It is one of a kind because it contains 4 different stages of filtration and has a filter capacity of 300,000 gallons. By using this EQ-300 system in your household, not only is the water quality improved but so is the air quality.
Chlorine is typically used by local water treatment plants to kill bacteria that may be in the water. Although treated water is free of bacteria, the chlorine remains which releases chloroform gas through appliances such as dishwashers and showers. These vapors are released into the air and can cause respiratory problems over time. Using the EQ-300 system, the potential for the release of chloroform gas is eliminated by the filtration of chlorine from the source of the household water.
The cleanliness of clothing and dishes is also greatly improved by the filtration of chlorine at the whole house level. The presence of chlorine in bath and shower water can dry out hair follicles and irritate skin. By reducing the chlorine in the water for the bath and shower, there is a great improvement in hair and skin softness. Other advantages include the conservation of water and the low maintenance.
All water that passes through this system is filtered and therefore no water is wasted. When purchasing this unit for the first time, a licensed plumber should install this system to ensure warranty qualification. The only regular maintenance for this unit is the replacement of the small sediment pre-filter up to 4 times yearly. This filter can be purchased from Filters Fast directly at $3.60 per filter. When the main unit reaches its 300,000 gallon capacity or after an average of 3 years of use, it should be replaced. This replacement does not require a licensed plumber. For further specifics on the performance and installation information, please refer to these links: