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What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a popular way to grow plants. Hydroponic systems utilize a water-based solution that&rsquo s rich in nutrients to grow plants rather than soil.

Benefits of hydroponic systems

There are many benefits to having a hydroponic system. Plants that are grown hydroponically have high growth rates, greater yields, and are healthier. They also save space, conserve water, require fewer chemicals, and can grow indoors. If you&rsquo re looking for a better way to grow plants at home, a hydroponic system is a great solution!

It is extremely important to keep the water free of impurities and hydroponic filters help make this easy! 

There are hundreds of variations of hydroponic systems that can either be variations or combinations of the six basic types of hydroponic systems. Check out the Filtered Files Blog to learn more about the different types of hydroponic systems.

Choosing the best hydroponic system for you:

We recommend that you identify what your hydroponic needs are and thoroughly research each system before investing in a hydroponic system for your home.

Where to buy hydroponic systems:

You can buy a complete hydroponic system, or you can buy hydroponic supplies separately and build your own.

No need to find a hydroponic store to get the supplies you need to build your hydroponic system we carry a wide selection of the hydroponic supplies, hydroponic filters, and systems you need.

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