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Hydrotech 5600CC Clock Water Softener Package


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The Hydrotech 031401 replaces the following within water:

  • Calcium ions
  • Magnesium ions

If hard water is the problem, the Hydrotech 5600CC Clock Water Softener is the solution. This water softener replaces excessive calcium and magnesium ions in your water with sodium ions, which lack the ill effects of other minerals.

In the shower, hard water creates a film of soap scum over your skin, which may prevent dirt and bacteria from being cleaned from your body. In the laundry room, hard water renders clothes dirty to the eye and scratchy to the skin. And in the pipes running to these areas, hard water causes scale buildup and can limit water flow and clog pipes entirely.

The clock atop this water softener allows you to set an automatic regeneration time, which will regenerate the brine solution at a preset time after the process is complete.

Hydrotech 5600CC-948-100 Water Softener Product Specifications

  • Clock initiated regeneration
  • Resin volume: 1.00 cubic ft.
  • Valve made of fiber reinforced polymer
  • 245 lb. capacity brine twin tank in white (16x17x37)
  • Tank safety float
  • 3/4" Stainless steel bypass (60040SS)
  • Electrical: 120V/60Hz

If you require a custom setup, a different tank or bypass, please let us know.

View the owner's manual here.

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