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OmniFilter CB3 Undersink Carbon Filter (Series B)

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Filters Fast® FF10CB-.5 Replacement for Pentek CBR2-10

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400 Gallons
Carbon Block
Carbon Block
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Reduces Sediment
Reduces Bad Taste
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Reduces Chlorine Taste
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Product Information
OmniFilter CB3
Filters Fast FF10CB-.5

The OmniFilter CB3 Undersink Carbon Filter (Series B) boasts being one of the most effective carbon block cartridges available to consumers today. This under sink filter removes chlorine and odors, harmful bacteria and contaminants to give you great tasting, safe drinking water right from the tap or dedicated faucet.

    Note: The OmniFilter CB3 is NOT for sale in California.

    Note: There are two versions of the CB3 filter. Those built after 2014 are labeled Series B, and those built before 2014 are labeled Series A. The diameter of the CB3 Series B (as shown on this product page) is .15" larger than Series A filters.

    Note: The CB3 Series B may not fit some older Omnifilter housings. We have complied the below list of Omnifilter housings that the CB3 Series B filter will no longer work with. In the past you may have bought the CB3 and it fit one of the listed filter housings but this will no longer work. If you are looking for a filter that is the same size as the CB3 Series A, we recommend the OmniFilter GAC1 Undersink Carbon Water Filter. Keep in mind that the GAC1 has a 20 micron rating compared to the CB3 Series A micron rating of .5.

      If you want to continue using CB3 filters with the .5 micron rating you should consider upgrading to the OmniFilter CBF3 Undersink Filter System (Series B). As a general rule, filter housings should not be used for more than 10 years so it might be time to upgrade now.


      • Micron Rating: 0.5
      • Dimensions: 2 5/8" x 9 3/4"
      • Flow Rate: 0.5 Gallons per minute
      • Filter Life: 400 Gallons or 6 months
      • Genuine OEM Part
      • NSF42
      • Part # CB3-SS4-S06, CB3-SS4, CB3

      This filter will also fit Ametek, Teledyne, Ace, Master Plumber, Flotec, Honeywell, GE, American Plumber and most standard size under sink water filters and Whirlpool WHCF-DB2. The CB3 also fits the Nutrition For Life Nutri-Flow HL-250 and the HL-300.

      This is the correct replacement filter for the following filtration systems only:

      • USM2
      • CBF1 Series A
      • CBF1 Series A
      • CBF3 Series B
      • OT32 Series B, OT32 Series E
      • RO2000 Series B
      • RO2050

      Compatible Models:

      The OmniFilter CB3 is correct replacement for the following model numbers:

      BrandModel NumberDescription
      Omnifilter OMNIFILTER CBF3 Under Sink Filters
      Omnifilter OMNIFILTER OB3 Under Sink Filters
      Omnifilter OMNIFILTER OMNI DELUXE Under Sink Filters
      Omnifilter OMNIFILTER OT2 Under Sink Filters
      Omnifilter OMNIFILTER OT32 Under Sink Filters
      Omnifilter OMNIFILTER TOTAL 2 Under Sink Filters
      Omnifilter OMNIFILTER TOTAL PLUS Under Sink Filters
      Omnifilter OMNIFILTER U500 Under Sink Filters
      Omnifilter OMNIFILTER U600 Under Sink Filters
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      Customer Reviews:

      Total Reviews: 6 | Average Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

      Deborah Tresnan2023-02-03

      I am happy using these filters. I think they’re a bit pricey, but I haven’t done any research recently regarding price.

      Collected by
      Carole Wilson2022-07-30

      Too expensive

      Collected by

      Original filters for the NutriFlow systems cost $75, but NFLI went out of business. I ordered two of the CB3's, and was blown-away by the quality of the water! If you still have any Nutrition For Life HL-250 or HL-300 filtration units, you can now replace the old blue KDF filters for half the original cost of replacement when NFLI was in their heyday, and get the most-amazing water quality that would've made both Bertram and Mitcham green with envy!! THANK YOU!

      Collected by

      Stenn from Baltimore is right when he says to not wait for the flow rate to decrease before changing the filter, but you shouldn't use the same filter for 3 years! Carbon block filters remove chlorine taste and odor far longer than they remove lead, chemicals, MTBE, and other nasty contaminants. After several years, the filter may still be removing 95% of the chlorine, but little or none of the other contaminants, most of which you can't taste or smell. Also, after 6 months, no matter how many gallons have gone through the filter, 'bacteria farming' starts to occur. Before 6 months, the cartridge looks relatively clean, but after 6 months, pink stuff starts to grow on it. So, carbon block filters should be changed every 6 months or sooner, period. By the way, I've never used this particular filter cartridge, but based on the performance data, it's one of the best carbon blocks on the market.

      Collected by

      The filters received are original Omni filters. Delivery was excellent and the filters were the best price found anywhere.

      Collected by

      I've used these for years, and wouldn't consider being without it, after moving up from the 1-micron powdered carbon filter (which was fine too) when I found these carbon-blocks on sale for $27!!..I bought 3 of them. But you can't listen to the '3-6 months' estimate, and on city water don't wait for the flow to slow down as the sign you need to change it, I've been using the same one for almost 3 years, and the taste is just now starting to change, telling it needs to be changed, but flow is still full-strength. So even at $36 it's well worth it, considering how long they last. The difference making coffee with and without carbon filtering is like gourmet and military coffee! :)

      Collected by

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