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Filtrex RO Filter for EcoWater, Kenmore, Whirlpool


Filtrex RO Filter for EcoWater, Kenmore, Whirlpool
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This Filtrex RO Filter Replacement is a 10" inch long reverse osmosis filter cartridge used for the reduction of the bad taste and odor of chlorine as well as sediment, dirt, rust, sand, silt, and other impurities down to the 10 micron level. This Filtrex RO pre-filter is compatible for use in many reverse osmosis systems which use 10" length x 2" width carbon RO filters including EcoWater, Sears Kenmore, Whirlpool, and others (see full list below). The Filtrex FXWF-1000 can be used as both a pre-filter as well as a post-filter for the reduction of chlorine. This package contains 1 replacement filter.

This Filtrex reverse osmosis filter carbon block filter cartridge uses high performance coconut shell granular activated carbon (GAC) which features a unique carbon binder system plus more micro pores compared to other types of carbon filters. Filtrex carbon filters have a very low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity, and advanced contaminant reduction. The Filtrex FXWF-1000 reverse osmosis filter can be used as a compatible RO prefilter or RO post-filter for a large number of reverse osmosis systems which utilize a 10" length X 2" width carbon RO filter cartridge. The Filtrex FXWF-1000 is designed to work in systems that require 2 filters.

Filtrex FXWF-1000 Carbon Water RO Prefilter/Postfilter Specifications:

  • Package contains 1 filter
  • Micron Rating: 10 microns
  • Temperature Range: 40 - 120 F
  • Dimensions: 10" length x 2" width
  • Works in systems that require 2 filters
  • Filter Media: Coconut shell granular activated carbon (GAC)
  • Flow Rate: About .50 GPM (may vary depending on specific RO system)
  • Filter Life: About 3,000 gallons or 6 months depending on frequency of use

This Filtrex RO filter will fit the following reverse osmosis systems:

  • EcoWater: All EcoWater RO systems which use a 10"L x 2"D pre-filter or post-filter such as the EcoWater 38476
  • Sears Kenmore: 04238476000
  • Sears Kenmore: 38476
  • Sears Kenmore: 38570
  • Sears Kenmore: 38572
  • Sears Kenmore: 38472
  • Sears Kenmore: 38475
  • Sears Kenmore: 38575
  • Sears Kenmore: 42-38476
  • Sears Kenmore: 625.385700
  • Sears Kenmore: 625.384720
  • Sears Kenmore: 625.385720
  • Sears Kenmore: 625.384750
  • Sears Kenmore: WFO-500
  • Whirlpool: WHER 12
  • Whirlpool: WHER 18
  • Whirlpool: WHERF K002-87


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