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Replacement for Model Skuttle 190-SH

Skuttle Saddle Valve A00-1128-005


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Retail: $12.99
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The Skuttle A00-1128-005 is the correct replacement saddle valve for the following humidifier models:

  • Skuttle: 190, 190-SH, 190-SH1, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2100, 2101, 2102, 35, 38, 39, 45, 45-SH1, 455 45SH, 55 55-UD, 592, 592-22, 592-9, 60-1, 60-2, 60-BC1, 77, 86, 86-UD, 90 90-SH, 90-SH1, F60-1, F60-2, H100, H100S, H100S2, H100S3
  • Hamilton: 6HP, 8FT
  • Humidimatic: 45-SH1, 45SH, 45SH1 
  • White Rodgers: HDT2600, HFT2100, HFT2700, HFT2900FP, HSP2000, HSP2600
  • Montgomery Ward: 58517, SXZ-58517, SXZ-58517-C, SXZ-58517-D, SXZ-58517-E, SXZ-58517C, SXZ58517, SXZ58517-B, SXZ58517-E

The Skuttle Saddle Valve A00-1128-005 comes with mounting hardware included. This Skuttle humidifier replacement part replaces Honeywell part number 32001616-001.

The Skuttle A00-1128-005 Specifications:

  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Replaces Honeywell part number 32001616-001

Compatible Models:

The Skuttle Saddle Valve A00-1128-005 is correct replacement for the following model numbers:

BrandModel NumberDescription
SkuttleHamilton 6HPHumidifier part
SkuttleHamilton 8FTHumidifier part
SkuttleHumidimatic 45-SH1Humidifier part
SkuttleHumidimatic 45SHHumidifier part
SkuttleHumidimatic 45SH1Humidifier part
SkuttleMontgomery Ward 58517Humidifier part
SkuttleMontgomery Ward SXZ-58517Humidifier part
SkuttleMontgomery Ward SXZ-58517-CHumidifier part
SkuttleMontgomery Ward SXZ-58517-DHumidifier part
SkuttleMontgomery Ward SXZ-58517-EHumidifier part
SkuttleMontgomery Ward SXZ-58517CHumidifier part
SkuttleMontgomery Ward SXZ58517Humidifier part
SkuttleMontgomery Ward SXZ58517-BHumidifier part
SkuttleMontgomery Ward SXZ58517-EHumidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 190Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 190-SHHumidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 190-SH1Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 2000Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 2001Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 2002Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 2100Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 2101Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 2102Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 35Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 38Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 39Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 45Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 45-SHHumidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 45SH1Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 55Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 55UDHumidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 592Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 592-22Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 592-9Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 60-1Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 60-BC1Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 77Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 86Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 86UDHumidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 90Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 90-SHHumidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle 90-SH1Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle F60-1Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle F60-2Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle H100SHumidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle H100S2Humidifier part
SkuttleSkuttle H100S3Humidifier part
SkuttleWhite-Rodgers HDT2600Humidifier part
SkuttleWhite-Rodgers HFT2100Humidifier part
SkuttleWhite-Rodgers HFT2700Humidifier part
SkuttleWhite-Rodgers HFT2900FPHumidifier part
SkuttleWhite-Rodgers HSP2000Humidifier part
SkuttleWhite-Rodgers HSP2600Humidifier part
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