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3M Aqua-Pure AP810, 56189-02 Sediment Water Filter Cartridge


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Your home's drinking water is going to get a whole lot better with the 3M Aqua-Pure AP810 Sediment Water Filter Cartridge. This heavy-duty filter reduces limescale and rust buildup around faucets and appliances, while its 5 micron rated material features a rigid construction that prevents collapse under strenuous water pressure conditions. Its porous cylinder traps all materials efficiently without affecting water flow. All this thanks to a new and improved material formulation designed for greater consumer value by way of increased flow rates and longer filter life. With less time spent buying filters and performing maintenance, you can better enjoy the clean water flowing throughout your home with the 3M Aqua-Pure AP810. 3M Aqua-Pure recommends replacing the AP810 every 6 months for optimal performance and efficiency.


  • Brand: 3M Aqua-Pure
  • Model Number: AP810
  • Part Number: 56189-02
  • 3M ID Number: 7000029442
  • UPC Number: 016145158766
  • Dimensions: 9-3/4" x 4-5/8"
  • Filter Media: Polypropylene
  • Micron Rating: 5
  • Flow Rate: 20 gpm
  • Operating Pressure: 0-100 psi
  • Operating Temperature: 40-100° F

Additional Features:

  • Grooved cartridge increases surface area for longer cartridge life
  • Rigid construction helps to eliminate sediment unloading due to variances in water pressure
  • Reduces dirt, sand, sediment and rust particles
  • Ideal for larger (2.5 baths) homes and commercial application
  • 1-year limited warranty gives you peace of mind

How do you install the 3M Aqua-Pure AP810?

  1. Prepare a bucket with clean soapy water ahead of time because once you open the filter housing you probably won't have access to water until you're finished.
  2. Turn your water supply off. You probably have a shutoff on the supply line located before the filter. If not, go to the hydro panel and turn the pump off.
  3. Relieve the water pressure on the lines before you unscrew the housing that holds the AP810 water filter. You can turn a faucet on inside the house to relieve pressure and let the water run until it stops. Then, shut off the water after the filter housing to keep the water from the house from draining back.
  4. Place a bucket under the filter housing. If the housing has a relief button push that to make sure all the pressure is gone. Unscrew the housing and take it off.
  5. Remove the old AP810 filter and clean the inside of the housing with soapy water and towels to remove any built-up debris. Unwrap and put the new AP810 filter in the housing and screw the housing back in place, slightly more than hand tight.
  6. Turn the faucet off that you had running to relieve pressure. Turn the main water supply back on, slowly. Check for leaks around the cartridge housing.
  7. Flush the new AP810 filter with at least 3 or 4 gallons of water or until the water flowing after the filter is clear.

How often should you replace the 3M Aqua-Pure AP810?

  • Changing your 3M Aqua-Pure AP810 is a very quick and easy process that should be done once every six months.

What contaminants does the 3M Aqua-Pure AP810 reduce?

  • The 3M Aqua-Pure AP810 reduces the following contaminants:

    • Dirt
    • Rust
    • Sediment


Compatible Parts:

The 3M Aqua-Pure AP810, 56189-02 Sediment Water Filter Cartridge is the correct replacement for the following part numbers:

Part Number
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Compatible Models:

The 3M Aqua-Pure AP810, 56189-02 Sediment Water Filter Cartridge is correct replacement for the following model numbers:

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3M Aqua Pure AQUAPURE AP801-1.5 Whole House Filters
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Customer Reviews:

Total Reviews: 26 | Average Rating: 4.85 / 5.0


Excellent product! This company has the best prices and very fast shipping. Also great discount offers!

Collected by
anne clayton2023-06-01

excellent for our well water

Collected by
Terry Liddick2022-11-30

Quality filter that I insist upon for my whole house filter.

Collected by

Perfect fit

Collected by
Tony B.2022-10-23

Very good, used them for years.

Collected by

excellent product at a great price

Collected by
Anne Brown2022-09-01

Aqua Pure filters keep my well water free of sediment.

Collected by
Ilitchev Ilitchev2022-05-19

Original filters are better than alternatives

Collected by

They work well and take a lot of sediment out of the water.

Collected by

This product filters all of my water used in my house

Collected by
Janine M.2022-03-25

The filter is working like a charm!

Collected by
Wali Bilal2022-02-09

These Filters are the "Real DEAL" and I love them! They are a quality filter that works!

Collected by
Laine Raposa2022-01-25

Expensive, but you pay for quality and that’s what you get.

Collected by
Lee Rushing2022-01-24

Great product ... been using it for 10+ years for my home.

Collected by
Elesia Chandler2022-01-12

it works well

Collected by
Duke obrien2021-06-20

Best price and quality available.

Collected by
Patricia Agolio2021-05-29


Collected by
Joanne Oesterling2021-05-07

Have not received filters yet. Very disappointed

Collected by

Always fits the housing

Collected by

Order was fulfilled quickly. Easy to use website. Good outfit, will use again.

Collected by

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