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*Please be advised that some larger filters require an additional cost (see dropdown window above).

  • Size Actual Dimension
  • 08x08x1 8" x 8" x 0.75"
  • 10x10x1 9.75" x 9.75" x 0.75"
  • 10x20x1 9.75" x 19.75" x 0.75"
  • 10x24x1 9.5" x 23.5" x 0.75"
  • 12x12x1 11.75" x 11.75" x 0.75"
  • 12x18x1 11.75" x 17.75" x 0.75"
  • 12x20x1 11.75" x 19.75" x 0.75"
  • 12x24x1 11.75" x 23.75" x 0.75"
  • 12x25x1 11.75" x 24.75" x 0.75"
  • 12x30x1 11.75" x 29.75" x 0.75"
  • 12x36x1 11.5" x 35.5" x 0.75"
  • 13x22x1 13" x 21.5" x 0.75"
  • 14x14x1 13.75" x 13.75" x 0.75"
  • 14x15.5x1 14" x 15.5" x 0.75"
  • 14x18x1 13.75" x 17.75" x 0.75"
  • 14x20x1 13.75" x 19.75" x 0.75"
  • 14x24x1 13.75" x 23.75" x 0.75"
  • 14x25x1 13.75" x 24.75" x 0.75"
  • 14x30x1 13.75" x 29.75" x 0.75"
  • 15x20x1 14.75" x 19.75" x 0.75"
  • 16x16x1 15.75" x 15.75" x 0.75"
  • 16x20x1 15.75" x 19.75" x 0.75"
  • 16x24x1 15.75" x 23.75" x 0.75"
  • 16x25x1 15.75" x 24.75" x 0.75"
  • 16x30x1 15.75" x 29.75" x 0.75"
  • *16x32x1 15.5" x 31.5" x 0.75"
  • 17.5x23.5x1 17.5" x 23.5" x 0.75"
  • 18x18x1 17.75" x 17.75" x 0.75"
  • 18x20x1 17.75" x 19.75" x 0.75"
  • 18x22x1 17.75" x 21.75" x 0.75"
  • 18x24x1 17.75" x 23.75" x 0.75"
  • 18x25x1 17.75" x 24.75" x 0.75"
  • 18x30x1 17.75" x 29.75" x 0.75"
  • 20x20x1 19.75" x 19.75" x 0.75"
  • 20x21.5x1 20" x 21.5" x 0.75"
  • 20x21x1 19.75" x 20.75" x 0.75"
  • 20x22x1 19.75" x 21.75" x 0.75"
  • 20x24x1 19.75" x 23.75" x 0.75"
  • 20x25x1 19.75" x 24.75" x 0.75"
  • 20x30x1 19.875" x 29.875" x 0.75"
  • 21.5x23.2x1 21.5" x 23.25" x 0.75"
  • *22x22x1 21.75" x 21.75" x 0.75"
  • 23.5x23.5x1 23.5" x 23.5" x 0.75"
  • 24x24x1 23.75" x 23.75" x 0.75"
  • 24x30x1 23.875" x 29.875" x 0.75"
  • 25x25x1 24.75" x 24.75" x 0.75"
  • *30x30x1 29.5" x 29.5" x 0.75"
  • *30x36x1 29.5" x 35.5" x 0.75"

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MERV 11 Filters Fast® 1" AC and Furnace Air Filters - 6-Pack

FFM11 6pk

Only $11.83 per Filter
Retail: $80.99 /ea
You Save: 12%
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Retail: $80.99
You Save: 12%
M11 6pk Sizes - Some Sizes Have Additional Costs :
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The Filters Fast® FFM11 6-Pack is a set of MERV 11 AC and Furnace Air filters that effectively reduce pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, dust mites and other allergens from indoor air. Removing these airborne particles can help improve allergies and alleviate sinus irritation that can cause watery eyes, itchy throat, coughing, and sneezing. The MERV 11 filter media is constructed with spun micro-fiber that also will not retain moisture, which can lead to microbial growth. Aside from the health benefits, these HVAC filters will also extend the life of your heating and cooling system by making it work more efficiently.


  • Brand: Filters Fast®
  • Part Number: FFM11
  • Pack Size: 6 Filters
  • MERV Rating: 11
  • Filter Type: Pleated
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Replace every 1 - 3 months
  • For residential use only
  • Note: These filters do not contain fiberglass.
  • FFM11 Specification Data Sheet

Available Sizes:

The Filters Fast® FFM11 6-Pack 1" Air Filter is available in the following sizes:

Nominal Size Actual Size Alternate Part Number
08x08x1 Air Filter 8.0x8.0x.75 PF11.010808A6PFF
09x11x1 Air Filter 09x11x.75 PF11.010911A6P
10x10x1 Air Filter 9.75x9.75x.75 PR11.011010PFF
10x16x1 Air Filter 9.75x15.75x.75 PF11.0110166PFF
10x20x1 Air Filter 9.75x19.75x.75 PR11.011020PFF
10x24x1 Air Filter 9.75x23.75x.75 PR11.011024PFF
10x25x1 Air Filter 9.75x24.75x.75 PF11.0110256PFF
10x30x1 Air Filter 9.75x29.75x.75 PF11.0110306PFF
12x12x1 Air Filter 11.75x11.75x.75 PR11.011212PFF
12x15x1 Air Filter 11.75x14.75x.75 PF11.0112156PFF
12x16x1 Air Filter 11.75x15.75x.75 PF11.0112166PFF
12x18x1 Air Filter 11.75x17.75x.75 PR11.011218PFF
12x20x1 Air Filter 11.75x19.75x.75 PR11.011220PFF
12x22x1 Air Filter 11.75x21.75x.75 PF11.0112226PFF
12x30x1 Air Filter 11.75x29.75x.75 PR11.011230PFF
14x14x1 Air Filter 13.75x13.75x.75 PR11.011414PFF
14x18x1 Air Filter 13.75x17.75x.75 PR11.011418PFF
14x20x1 Air Filter 13.75x19.75x.75 PR11.011420PFF
14x22x1 Air Filter 14x22x.75 PF11.011422A6P
14x24x1 Air Filter 13.75x23.75x.75 PR11.011424PFF
14x25x1 Air Filter 13.75x24.75x.75 PR11.011425PFF
14x30x1 Air Filter 13.75x29.75x.75 PR11.011430PFF
15x20x1 Air Filter 14.75x19.75x.75 PR11.011520PFF
15x25x1 Air Filter 14.75x24.75x.75 PF11.0115256PFF
15x30x1 Air Filter 14.75x29.75x.75 PF11.0115306PFF
16x16x1 Air Filter 15.75x15.75x.75 PR11.011616PFF
16x18x1 Air Filter 15.75x17.75x.75 PF11.0116186PFF
16x20x1 Air Filter 15.75x19.75x.75 PR11.011620PFF
16x24x1 Air Filter 15.75x23.75x.75 PR11.011624PFF
16x25x1 Air Filter 15.75x24.75x.75 PR11.011625PFF, PF1625, glasfloss16251, ZLP16251
16x30x1 Air Filter 15.75x29.75x.75 PR11.011630PFF
*16x32x1 Air Filter 15.75x31.75x.75 PR11.011632PFF
17.5x21x1 Air Filter 17.5x21x.75 PF11.0117.521A6P
18x18x1 Air Filter 17.75x17.75x.1 PR11.011818PFF
18x20x1 Air Filter 17.75x19.75x.75 PR11.011820PFF
18x22x1 Air Filter 17.75x21.75x.75 PR11.011822PFF
18x24x1 Air Filter 17.75x23.75x.75 PR11.011824PFF
18x25x1 Air Filter 17.75x24.75x.75 PR11.011825PFF
18x30x1 Air Filter 17.75x29.75x.75 PR11.011830PFF
20x20x1 Air Filter 19.75x19.75x.75 PR11.012020PFF
20x21.5x1 Air Filter 19.75x21.5x.75 PF11.012021.5A6PFF
20x22x1 Air Filter 19.75x21.75x.75 PR11.012022PFF
20x24x1 Air Filter 19.75x23.75x.75 PR11.012024PFF
20x25x1 Air Filter 19.75x24.75x.75 PR11.012025PFF
20x26x1 Air Filter 20x26x.75 PF11.012026A6P
20x30x1 Air Filter 19.75x29.75x.75 PR11.012030PFF
*22x22x1 Air Filter 21.75x21.75x.75 PR11.012222PFF
22x24x1 Air Filter 22x24x.75 PF11.012224A6PFF
24x24x1 Air Filter 23.75x23.75x.75 PR11.012424PFF
24x30x1 Air Filter 23.75x29.75x.75 PR11.012430PFF
25x25x1 Air Filter 24.75x24.75x.75 PR11.012525PFF
28x30x1 Air Filter 27.5x29.5x.75 PF11.0128306P
*30x36x1 Air Filter 29.5" x35.5" x.75" PR11.013036PFF

*Additional Handling Fee: Please be advised that some larger filters require an additional cost to offset high shipping charges.

Custom Sizes:

If you don't see your size, order a custom made air filter! Custom made air filters do not come individually wrapped.

Additional Resources:

For more information on air filter efficiency ratings, check out our resources below!


Compatible Parts:

The MERV 11 Filters Fast® 1" AC and Furnace Air Filters - 6-Pack is the correct replacement for the following part numbers:

  • DuPont Gold
  • DuPont Maximum
  • DuPont Platinum
  • DuPont ProClear
  • DuPont Ultra


Customer Reviews:

Total Reviews: 80 | Average Rating: 4.75 / 5.0

Well made, perfect size of which I can't find in our local stores.

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Fast service, great filters

Collected by

I was disappointed that the filters were not individually wrapped like they have been in the past. They are just 6 filters stuffed in a box with no information about the filters at all. I liked them much better when they were each sealed in a wrapper with a filter description label insert. Cost almost doubled from my previous order, and the packaging is worse.

Collected by

Good product

Collected by

works fine

Collected by

Great filters!

Collected by

Buying 6 months at a time is great. Don't have to think and the service is great!

Collected by

Great price for Merv 11 filters

Collected by

Best air quality in home

Collected by

My allergies are off the chard and I've ordered these many times - never been disappointed.

Collected by

Great product at a great price.

Collected by

Quality equivalent to 3M filters but at much better price.

Collected by

Excellent product

Collected by

Excellent quality for your money. I'll definitely be buying again

Collected by

The price is very attractive, availability exceeds local stores, even on line. Easy to order, reliable and quick delivery. Order records are handy and easy to access. Notifications and scheduled orders can be helpful.

Collected by

So easy to order and have on hand!

Collected by

The size I need for my furnace is a difficult size to find in the stores. I am so glad I can find the size and quality I need with FiltersFast.

Collected by

Nice filters at a great price

Collected by

The filters are Good. I change my filters every 2 months. I get auto ship twice a year so I never run out. Quality filter and service

Collected by

These filters are great, economical filters. We change them out every month and our house is MUCH less dusty than before. Also our heat/AC are much more efficient. We so enjoy using the auto ship service. The filters come on time each quarter and it is so handy. We have a very common size and it is so hard to have three each time we change them if we shop locally. We love Filtersfast and these filters.

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