Five Stage Countertop Reverse Osmosis System 35GPD


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Five Stage Countertop Reverse Osmosis System 35GPD
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Sorry, this is no longer available. Browse our Good Water Warehouse Reverse Osmosis collection for more options! Please confirm specifications before ordering.

The Five Stage Countertop Reverse Osmosis System 35GPD is discontinued. Please see our full line of Reverse Osmosis Systems for a replacement.

The Five Stage Countertop Reverse Osmosis System 35GPD uses carbon filters to reduce the level of some soluble organic compounds (SOC) such as dioxins, pesticides and volatile organic compounds (VOC) like petrochemicals and chloroform. This RO system is also known as part number RC540T35-T. The 5-stage countertop reverse osmosis system is ideal for apartments and offices because it is easily portable. This system requires electricity and plugs into a standard 110V outlet. The 5-stage reverse osmosis countertop system has a 1/2 round storage tank that is flat in the back.

Five Stage Counter Top RO System Specifications:

  • 5-Stage RO system
  • 1/2 round storage tank
  • Part Number: RC540T35-T
  • Produces 35 gallons per day
  • Water Pressure: 40 to 85 psi
  • Plugs into a standard 110V outlet
  • All filters are included with this system
  • Requires electricity with or without pump
  • Temperature range: 40 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (4 to 20 degrees Celsius)

Plumbing is not required for this countertop reverse osmosis system since this system is not installed under the kitchen sink like most RO water systems. Simply disconnect the diverter valve from the faucet and reconnect the countertop diverter valve to the new faucet. To access filtered water a spout or diverter valve can be used. Place your reverse osmosis appliance on the kitchen countertop within 2 feet of the sink or on any solid, flat surface within the length of the connecting hose. The top of your 5-Stage must be at least 5" higher than the sink faucet outlet. This will insure proper operation of the automatic overflow device.

In order to connect your system to the faucet follow the following instructions:

  • Remove all old aerators from your faucet. A new special aerator and adapter fitting is included with your appliance.
  • Identify whether or not your faucet has male or female threads.
  • Assemble the proper sequence of washers to complete the aerator installation.
  • Tighten the final connection carefully with a pair of pliers. To prevent marring on your unit, wrap tape around the jaw of your pliers.
  • Pull down on the white plastic collar on the quick release disconnect and push over the aerator until it seals, in order to attach the appliance to the faucet.

To install the spigot:

  • Slip the white o-ring over the threaded shaft of the spigot.
  • Insert the spigot shaft through the hole in the front of the reservoir.
  • Slip the flat white washer over the threaded shaft of the spigot.
  • Thread the plastic nut onto the end.
  • Rotate the spigot until the assembly is snug and the spigot is in a vertical position. Be certain not to overtightened.

The effectiveness of your countertop reverse osmosis system depends on the initial water quality and water pressure. Waterborne contaminants could possibly result in health effects or decreased desirability.


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