MERV 13 Filters Fast® 2" Allergy AC and Furnace Filters 6-Pack


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The Filters Fast® FFAFM13 6 pack is the correct replacement for:

  • Return grilles that accept a 2 inch furnace filter

Upgrade your 1 inch filter today with a 2-inch Filters Fast® MERV 13 air filter! The highest MERV Rating on the market is now available in this 2 inch air filter by Filters Fast® . Save money on your heating and cooling bills and protect your HVAC equipment with MERV 13 furnace filters, AC filters.

Note: These filters do not contain fiberglass.

Residential Users Please Note: These 2 inch filters are designed for commercial use such as in offices, hospitals, schools, and other places where higher efficiency standards are required. Not all residential homes are equipped to accept a 2 inch filter, so if you are considering using this filter in your home please make sure to measure the space in your return grille before ordering.

Commerical Users Please Note: The compact 2 inch design of this filter allows quick and easy installation with absolutely no modification to your existing equipment! Also known as the " Green Pleat" this filter can help you make your business or organization more environmentally friendly.

Take A Look At All The Ways the FFAFM13 Can Benefit You and Your Business:

Green Technology

The 2-inch Filters Fast® MERV 13 air filter meets the Green Building Council's latest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Indoor Air Quality Requirements for occupant health. That makes this filter a quick and efficient way to achieve points toward your company's LEED Certification. And in case you didn't know LEED certification can earn you tax breaks, which is just one way this filter can save you money!


MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, indicates when a filter will be least efficient. So the higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the filter. It should be noted that most fiberlgass spun filters such as those found in your local grocery store are usually only a MERV 1 or MERV 2. This can affect the efficiency and air flow of your heating and cooling system, causing it to work harder to produce the same air flow and costing you more money! The Filters Fast® MERV 13 Filter features a low pressure drop, which means less impact on your energy use, which again will save you money!

Quality Construction and Capacity

The Filters Fast® MERV 13 filter is a 2-inch filter constructed of a galvanized, corrosion resistant metal support grid and 100% electrostatically charged synthetic graded density media. The media used is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and will not absorb moisture, which can support microbial growth.

The Filters Fast® 2 inch MERV 13 filter's pleats are designed in a way to promote maximum surface area and dust holding capacity. The pleats are actually bonded to the frame to prevent any dust bypass. This means higher efficiency and air quality. These filters have 18 pleats per lineal foot which creates a greater surface area to catch airborne particles than standard 1 inch filters. That also means that in most cases you don't have to change them as frequently!

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

Filters Fast® MERV 13 Air Filter effectively reduces pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, dust mites and other allergens from indoor air. Removing these airborne particles can help improve allergies and alleviate sinus irritation that can cause watery eyes, itchy throat, coughing, and sneezing.

The Filters Fast® M13 2 inch Air Filter is Available in the following sizes:

Nominal Size Actual Size Alternate Part Number
12x24x2 Air Filter 11.37x23.37x1.75 PF13.0212246PFF
12x25x2 Air Filter 12x25x1.75 PF13.0212256PFF
14x17.5x2 Air Filter 14x17.5x1.75 PF13.021417.5A6PFF
14x17x2 Air Filter 14x17x1.75 PF13.021417A6PFF
14x20x2 Air Filter 13.56x19.56x1.75 PF13.0214206PFF
14x25x2 Air Filter 13.56x24.56x1.75 PF13.0214256PFF
15x20x2 Air Filter 14.56x19.56x1.75 PF13.0215206PFF
16x16x2 Air Filter 15.5x15.5x1.75 PF13.0216166PFF
16x20x2 Air Filter 15.62x19.62x1.75 PF13.0216206PFF, Lennox 52W37
16x24x2 Air Filter 15.5x23.5x1.75 PF13.0216246PFF
16x25x2 Air Filter 15.62x24.62x1.75 PF13.0216256PFF, DCA13.0616252PFF, Carrier 28W02, 101355-01, Lennox 52W36
18x20x2 Air Filter 17.5x19.62x1.75 PF13.0218206PFF
18x24x2 Air Filter 17.5x23.5x1.75 PF13.0218246PFF, Lennox 52W38
18x25x2 Air Filter 17.5x24.5x1.75 PF13.0218256PFF
20x20x2 Air Filter 19.62x19.62x1.75 PF13.0220206PFF, FFAFM13-20202, Carrier 28W06, 101355-04, Lennox 52W39
20x24x2 Air Filter 19.37x23.37x1.75 PF13.0220246PFF, FFAFM13-20242
20x25x2 Air Filter 19.62x24.62x1.75 PF13.0220256PFF, FFAFM13-20252
20x30x2 Air Filter 19.5x29.5x1.75 PF13.0220306PFF, FFAFM13-20302
22x22x2 Air Filter 21.5x21.5x1.75 CP13.0221.5X21.56PK
24x24x2 Air Filter 23.37x23.37x1.75 PF13.0224246PFF
24x30x2 Air Filter 23.5x29.5x1.75 PF13.0224306PFF
25x25x2 Air Filter 24.5x24.5x1.75 PF13.0225256PFF
25x28x2 Air Filter 24.5x27.5x1.75 CP13.0224.5X27.56PK
28x30x2 Air Filter 27.5x29.5x1.75 PF13.0228306PFF, FFAFM13-28302
30x32x2 Air Filter 29.5x31.5x1.75 PF13.0230326PFF, FFAFM13-30322
30x36x2 Air Filter 29.5x35.5x1.75 PF13.0230366PFF, FFAFM13-30362

We now are offering a MERV 13 16x20x4 filter. It features twice the surface area of the 2 inch filter!

Prices listed are for a 6-pack of filters.

Don't see the size you need? Let us know, we can special order it for you! Email us at [email protected] Fast® .com

The chart below will show you what you can remove with a MERV 13 air filter, a MERV 11 air filter, or a MERV 8 air filter.

MERV Air Filter Chart


Customer Reviews:

Total Reviews: 13 | Average Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

Raymond Herman2022-09-15

Excellent filters

Collected by
Richard C Watson2022-09-06

Right size, fast shipping.

Collected by
Clarence Bartley2022-08-14

Took too long to receive filters

Collected by
June Doxtad2022-08-13

fast delivery for filters that actually fit my unit

Collected by
Patrick Casey2022-06-16

Easy install

Collected by
John Sammons2022-06-10

High quality filter at a good price.

Collected by
Russell Griffin2022-05-21

The company that services my ac and heating service saw what I was paying for filters from Filters Faster. The mechanic said to me, “We could never beat that price.”

Collected by
Dave O customer2022-05-13

Good two inch filter. My house is along a hills side where it’s dusty and does a good job.

Collected by

They did good for us. I ordered the wrong filters and they refunded the money with no problem. The replacements came thru and were delivered quickly. Very pleased.

Collected by

Well made with easy delivery

Collected by
Raymond P Curci2021-12-04

Great product. Met my expectations and arrived quicker than anticipated.

Collected by

What can one really say -- they're just filters, after all.

Collected by
Ken Mumm2021-05-16

Good filters

Collected by

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