MERV 13 Filters Fast® 4" Allergy AC and Furnace Filter 3-Pack


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The Filters Fast® 4-inch Air Filters (FFM136) have a MERV 13 rating and are useful in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, and industrial sites. These MERV 13 filters effectively reduce pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, and dust mites, as well as bacteria, smoke, smog, and other allergens. The higher quality construction from these 4-inch filters benefits health and respiration, including alleviating problems with allergies and sinus irritation that might lead to itchy throat, watery eyes, coughing, and sneezing. 4-inch air filters are also more effective than thinner filters because their larger surface areas are much more durable. Filters Fast® air filters are affordable without sacrificing quality. These HVAC air filters arrive in a variety of sizes to meet your air quality needs.

Note: These filters do not contain fiberglass.


  • Brand: Filters Fast®
  • Part Number: FFM136, Ffm1362
  • Pack Size: 3
  • Filter Life: 6 - 12 months
  • MERV Rating: 13

Available Sizes:

The Filters Fast® M13 Air Filters are available in the following sizes:

Nominal Size Actual Size Alternate Part Number
12x24x4 11.375x23.375x3.625 PF13.0412243PFF, ffm136-12244
16x20x4 15.375x19.375x3.625 PF13.0416203PFF, ffm136-16204
16x25x4 15.375x24.375x3.625 PF13.0416253PFF, ffm136-16254
18x24x4 17.375x23.375x3.625 PF13.0418243PFF, ffm136-18244
20x20x4 19.375x19.375x3.625 PF13.0420203PFF, ffm136-20204
20x24x4 19.375x23.375x3.625 PF13.0420243PFF, ffm136-20244
20x25x4 19.375x24.375x3.625 PF13.0420253PFF, ffm136-20254
24x24x4 23.375x23.375x3.625 PF13.0424243PFF, ffm136-24244
25x29x4 24.375x28.375x3.625 PF13.0425293PFF, ffm136-25294

Please note that if you are unsure whether you need an actual or nominal size simply measure your air filter before placing your order.

We can make any size filter! Click here if you don't see your size! NOTE: Custom made air filters do not come individually wrapped.


FFM13 Air Filter - MERV 13 - Specification Data Sheet


    Customer Reviews:

    Total Reviews: 33 | Average Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

    Lynne Patterson2022-11-19

    Best price I could find for these filters. They came in a box perfect for storing in the ceiling beside the unit.

    Collected by
    Erik Werts2022-11-19

    Happy with purchase.

    Collected by

    Actual size doesn't fit my furnace, so these filters are no good and will be thrown away.

    Collected by
    customerCarroll Peterson2022-09-01

    Sure beats groveling around in a store. Plus you have great products at a fair price. Couldn’t be more satisfied.

    Collected by
    RHONDA T.2022-08-11

    They fit well.

    Collected by
    MIKE DEVITT2022-08-11

    Works good and looks good

    Collected by

    High quality, much better than the old ones we used to use.

    Collected by

    Unfortunately, there was no label on the filter themselves, but the label is on the shipping box. I'm not sure if this is to save money but it was confusing on my part. Have not used them yet. Got them in advance. I bought them while on sale.

    Collected by


    Collected by
    Diane Monroe2022-05-22

    It works.

    Collected by
    Michel P2022-05-21

    I have been using these filters for about 4 years. They are terrific. The amount of dust they pull out of the air circulating in our house is dramatic. We can immediately tell the difference in the air when we change them out. We are so glad we made the move from the thinner filters to this product.

    Collected by
    KEN WEDERSKI2022-04-10

    Perfect size and arrived very quick!

    Collected by
    Denny Deemer2022-03-19

    Very good product and satisfied with delivery service

    Collected by

    Perfect High Quality fit

    Collected by
    Ivan R.2022-01-13

    Product is exactly what I need.

    Collected by
    Karen D Gardner2021-11-18

    They are very expensive, but they are expensive everywhere. I love the service, quick and efficient, from FiltersFast.

    Collected by
    Dale J2021-11-01

    Filters were all under sized by 1/2 inch so the air would just take the low resistance path rendering the filters useless. Called customer service an it was obvious the rep did not care to hear about it. She refund the purchase price and told me to trash them. Such a waste to my time and just more junk for the trash. If you need a furnace filter go with a reputable company not Filtersfast.

    Collected by

    Product was as shown and arrived on time. I would purchase this product again.

    Collected by

    arrived on time

    Collected by
    Kirk Morgenstern2021-06-04

    Great value. Fast delivery. Excellent communication.

    Collected by

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