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Bevguard BGC-3200S Scale Reducing Carbon Filter, 6-Pack


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Retail: $564.99
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The Bevguard BGC-3200S Scale Reducing Carbon Filter, 6-Pack reduces hard water spots that occur due to mineral accumulation and lime scale build up. This 3M Cuno food service filter does not act on minerals which may be beneficial to our health. This carbon block filter reduces chlorine taste and odor in your drinking water. This scale reducing water filter should be replaced every 12 months.


  • Brand: Bevguard
  • Part Number: BGC-3200S
  • Pack Size: 6-Pack
  • Dimensions: 3 3/16 inches x 15 1/2 inches
  • Flow Rate: 2.1 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Maximum Pressure: 125 pounds per square inch (psi)

Compatible Parts:

The Bevguard BGC-3200S is the correct compatible replacement for the following water filter part numbers:

  • 3M/Cuno CFS 8112-ELS 55817-27
  • 3M/Cuno CFS 8812 ELX-S 56011-07
  • Everpure BW4400 EV9668-24
  • Everpure BW7TOS EV9668-27
  • Everpure HCH EV9655-06
  • Everpure HCH EV9655-07
  • Everpure HF-H EV9656-01
  • Everpure HF-H EV9656-11
  • Everpure I2000 EV9612-21
  • Everpure I2000 EV9612-22
  • Everpure I2000 EV9612-27
  • Everpure I4000 EV9612-32
  • Everpure MD-HE EV9623-04
  • Everpure MH EV9612-06
  • Everpure XC EV9613-09
  • Everpure 7CBS-S EV9618-26
  • Everpure 7K-PLUS EV9612-81

Compatible Models:

The Bevguard BGC-3200S Scale Reducing Carbon Filter, 6-Pack is correct replacement for the following model numbers:

BrandModel NumberDescription
Bevguard3M,Cuno CFS 8112-ELS 55817-27Foodservice Water Filters
Bevguard3M,Cuno CFS 8812 ELX-S 56011-07Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure 7CBS-S EV9618-26Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure 7K-PLUS EV9612-81Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure BW4400 EV9668-24Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure BW7TOS EV9668-27Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure HCH EV9655-06Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure HCH EV9655-07Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure HF-H EV9656-01Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure HF-H EV9656-11Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure I2000 EV9612-21Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure I2000 EV9612-22Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure I2000 EV9612-27Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure I4000 EV9612-32Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure MD-HE EV9623-04Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure MH EV9612-06Foodservice Water Filters
BevguardEverpure XC EV9613-09Foodservice Water Filters
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