Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12 Humidifier Wick Filter - 4-Pack
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Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12 Humidifier Wick Filter - 4-Pack

ES12 R

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The Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12 Humidifier Wick Filter - 4-Pack is the correct replacement for the BestAir ES12, Emerson HDC-12, Emerson HDC12, HQRP Humidifier Wick Filter. This 4-Pack of humidifier wick filters fits Emerson, Sears, Kenmore, and other model systems same as the OEM version. The reinforced media of the Filters Fast® ES12 R offers an extended life and improved efficiency. The ES12 R filter has also helps protect from the overgrowth of mold, fungus, algae, bacteria, and other harmful microbes.


  • Brand: Filters Fast®
  • Part Number: ES12
  • Pack Size: 4
  • Filter Life: 1 - 3 Months
  • Dimensions: 9-1/4" x 6-1/8" x 2-3/8"

How do you install the Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12?

  1. Unplug humidifier before removing the Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12 wick. We recommend moving the humidifier to an area where floor coverings are not susceptible to water damage, i.e. kitchen or bath areas.
  2. Open the pivoting lid and remove water bottles and set aside. Grasp the fan assembly front center and rear center. Left off and set aside on a clean flat surface. The wick housings are now accessible.
  3. Lift wick housing out of cabinet and place where you may work on them comfortably. With a soft, absorbent cloth remove any remaining water or loose mineral deposits not trapped in the Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12 wick from the humidifier cabinet.
  4. To open wick housing for easy access to wicks:
    • Deflect the two spring tabs on top of wick housing. Lift top cover off of the wick housing and set aside.
    • Remove the two Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12 wicks and dispose of properly.
    • Install new Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12 wicks in the wick housing track with the glue beads of the wicking pad to the inside of the wick housing.
    • Return the top cover of the wick housing by installing cover over the fixed tabs on the rear of the lower wick housing and pivoting the cover down over the top of the wicks. Snap the cover over the two spring tabs.
    • Replace the wick housing in the cabinet. NOTE: There is a front and back orientation. To position the wick housings correctly: Be sure that the spring tabs of wick housings are towards front of cabinet. Align the lower portion of the wick assembly over the six ribs located at the bottom rear of the humidifier cabinet.
    • Position fan assembly onto the cabinet. Make sure the fan venturi (lowest cylinder section below the fan) is placed inside the wick housing.
    • Replace water bottles.
    • Close the pivoting lid.
    • The unit is ready for use or to be stored away for next season.

How often should you replace the Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12?

  • Changing your Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12 is a very quick and easy process that should be done once every one to three months.

What contaminants does the Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12 reduce?

  • The Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12 reduces the formation of the following contaminants:

    • Bacteria
    • Viruses
    • Fungi
    • Dust Mites

Compatible Parts:

The Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12 Humidifier Wick Filter - 4-Pack is the correct replacement for the following part numbers:

Part Number
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Compatible Models:

The Filters Fast® Replacement for BestAir ES12 Humidifier Wick Filter - 4-Pack is correct replacement for the following model numbers:

BrandModel NumberDescription
Emerson HD1200 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir 1102 Humidifier
Emerson MoistAir 1200 Humidifier
Emerson MoistAir 1202 Humidifier
Emerson MoistAir 1204 Humidifier
Emerson MoistAir 1212 Humidifier
Emerson MoistAir 1300 Humidifier
Emerson MoistAir 14452 Humidifier
Emerson MoistAir 14453 Humidifier
Emerson MoistAir HC-13030 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1100 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1102 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1200 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-12001 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-120020 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1202 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-12020 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1202C Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1202C1C Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1204 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-12040 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-12041 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1212 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1300 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-13000 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-130000 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-13002 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-13003 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1300W Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1301 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1303 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-13030 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1305 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-13050 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1405 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-14050 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1406 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-14060 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD-1409 Humidifier
Emerson MoistAir HD-230 Air Filter
Emerson MoistAir HD1100 Humidifier
Emerson MoistAir HD1409 Humidifier
Kenmore 144150 Humidifier
Kenmore 144151 Humidifier
Kenmore 144170 Humidifier
Kenmore 144523 Humidifier
Kenmore 144530 Humidifier
Kenmore 144532 Humidifier
Quiet Comfort 154140 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 14415 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 144150 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 144151 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 14417 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 144170 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 14452 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 144521 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 144522 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 144523 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 14453 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 144530 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 144531 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 144532 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 144533 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 14454 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 14911 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 42-14452 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 42-14453 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 42-14454 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 42-29959 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 758.144171 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 758.14454 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 758.144563 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 758.1542 Humidifier
Sears / Kenmore 758.155171 Humidifier
Sears Kenmore 144521 Air Filter
Sears Kenmore 144522 Air Filter
Sears Kenmore 144531 Air
Sears Kenmore 144533 Air
Sears Kenmore 42.14452 Air
Sears Kenmore 42.14453 Air
Sears Kenmore 42.14454 Air
Sears Kenmore 42.14911 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.14415 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.144151 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.14417 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.14452 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.144521 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.144522 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.144523 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.14453 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.144531 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.144532 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.144533 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.15414 Air
Sears Kenmore 758.299751C Air
Sears Kenmore 758.299870C Air
Sears Kenmore 9.14911 Air
Walgreens 890-WGN Humidifier
Walgreens 890WGN Humidifier
Walgreens P-HF001-WGN Humidifier
Walgreens PHF001WGN Humidifier
Walgreens SCM1100 Humidifier
Walgreens SCM1701 Humidifier
Walgreens SCM1702 Humidifier
Walgreens SCM1762 Humidifier
Walgreens SCM2409 Humidifier
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Ronald C2024-03-20

Fits my old Kenmore humidifier like new.

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I have done business with them for many years now. They evidently know how to do things right.

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