LG Microwave Range Hood Charcoal Filter
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LG Microwave Range Hood Charcoal Filter


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The LG 5230W1A003A is the correct replacement range hood filter for the following microwave oven models:

  • LG 63662, 63663, 63664 , 63669, 63683, 63684, 63689, 63762, 63763, 63764, 63769, 64662, 64663, 64664, 64669, 64682, 64683, 64684, 64689, 64763, 64769, 721.63763, 721.63764, 721.63769, 80862, 80863, 80864, 80869, 80882, 80883, 80884, 80889
  • LG LMV1645SB, LMV1645SB 01, LMV1645SBQ, LMV1645SBQ 01, LMV1645ST, LMV1645SW, LMV1645SW 01, LMV1650SB, LMV1650ST, LMV1650SW, LMV2053SB, LMV2053ST, LMV2053SW, LMV2055SB, LMV2061SB, LMV2073ST, LMV2073WW, LMV2083SB, LMV2083SW, LMVH1750SB, LMVH1750ST, LMVH1750SW, LMVM1945SB, LMVM1945SBQ, LMVM1945SW, LMVM1945T, LMVM1955SB, LMVM1955SBQ, LMVM1955ST, LMVM1955SW, LMVM1955T, LMVM2055SB, LMVM2055ST, LMVM2055SW, LMVM2075SB, LMVM2075ST, LMVM2075SW, LMVM2085SB, LMVM2085ST, LMVM2085SW, LSN120CE
  • LG MQ-1745AT, MQ-1745ATL, MV-1643MQS, MV-1643MQSL , MV-1644AQS, MV-1644AQSL, MV-1645AQS, MV-1743MC, MV-1743MCL, MV-1744KQ, MV-1744KQL, MV-1745KC, MV-1745KCL, MV-1773MAB, MV-1773MABL, MV-1942BQSV, MV-1943BQS, MV-2042KLQV, MV-2042KQV, MV-2043MQS, MV-2043MQSL, MV-2043MTS, MV-2043MTSL, MV-2044KMF, MV-2044KMFL, MV-2045BQS, MV-2045BQSL, MV-2045KMF, MV-2045KMFL, MV-2045KS, MV-2045KSL, MV-2047AQ, MV-2047AQL, MV-2047BMS, MV-2052NLQV, MV-2052NQV, MV-2052RLQV, MV-2052RQV

The LG Microwave Range Hood Charcoal Filter is a replacement range hood filter for several microwave oven models from LG, Amana, Bosch, Charbroil, Eureka, Jean Air, Kenmore, and Maytag. This charcoal filter assembly reduces odors and grease from your kitchen air. This range hood grease replacement filter is also known by LG part number 5230W1A003A. This charcoal microwave filter measures 2 9/16 inches in length x 11 inches in width x 11/16 inches thick.

LG Microwave Range Hood Charcoal Filter Specifications:

  • Part Number: 5230W1A003A
  • Includes one replacement charcoal filter
  • Dimensions: 2 9/16" L x 11" W x 11/16" thick
  • Compatible with several models from LG, Amana, Bosch, Charbroil, Eureka, Jean Air, Kenmore, and Maytag

Compatible Models:

The LG Microwave Range Hood Charcoal Filter is correct replacement for the following model numbers:

BrandModel NumberDescription
Kenmore 721.808225 Refrigerator
Kenmore 721.8601301 Refrigerator
LG LMV1650SB Microwave
LG LMV1650ST Microwave
LG LMV1650SW Microwave
LG LMV2053SB Microwave
LG LMV2053ST Microwave
LG LMV2053SW Microwave
LG LMV2073BB Microwave
LG LMV2073ST Microwave
LG LMV2073WW Microwave
LG LMV2083SB Microwave
LG LMV2083ST Microwave
LG LMV2083SW Microwave
LG LMVH1750ST Microwave
LG LMVH1750SW Microwave
LG LMVM1945SB Microwave
LG LMVM1945SBQ Microwave
LG LMVM1945SW Microwave
LG LMVM1945T Microwave
LG LMVM2055ST Microwave
LG LMVM2055SW Microwave
LG LMVM2085SB Microwave
LG LMVM2085ST Microwave
LG LMVM2085SW Microwave
LG MQ1745ATLL Microwave
LG MV1644AQSL Microwave
LG MV1645AQS Microwave
LG MV1942BQSV Microwave
LG MV1943BQS Microwave
LG MV2045ATS Microwave
LG MV2045ATSL Microwave
LG MV2045BQSL Microwave
LG MV2047AQ Microwave
LG MV2047AQL Microwave
LG MV2047BMSL Microwave
LG MV2048ASD Microwave
LG MV2048ASDLL Microwave
LG MV2048BSP Microwave
LG MV2048BSPL Microwave
LG MV2061SB Microwave
LG MVH1711ST Microwave
LG MVM1955SBQL Microwave
LG MVM1955SWL Microwave
LG MVM2055SBL Microwave
LG MVM2075SB Microwave
LG MVM2075STL Microwave
LG MVM2075SW Microwave
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Edd Bowers2023-01-21

I reckon its great. Didn't know I needed one but when I did this outfit provided the one I needed quickly and setup auto mailing every 6 months so I don't have to concern myself about this particular recurring project.

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