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Wish there was an easier way to find the pool filters, spa filters, and other supplies you need to keep your investment clean and running smoothly? Your search for pool supplies ends here! Forget running to a pool supply store each time you need to stock up on pool filter cartridges, pool parts, or hot tub filters. has everything you need to keep pool, spa, and hot tub free of dirt, oil, and mineral build-up, and they’re delivered right to your door! Check out our wide selection of pool filters including Pentair pool filter parts, Filbur pools and spa filters, jacuzzi/whirlpool pool and spa filters, and so much more! Whether you need filters for your above-ground pool, a pool sand filter, or other pool parts, we’re here to help!

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Pool & Spa Filters
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Pool & Spa Filters Profile:

Want an easier way to find the pool filters, spa filters, and other supplies that you need? You& rsquo ve come to the right place! No more having to run to the pool supply store near you to stock up on pool filter cartridges, pool parts, or hot tub filters.  We have everything you need and will deliver it straight to your door.

Filters help keep your swimming pool, hot tub, and spa clean and safe. They will collect any dirt, debris, and oils that accumulate and prevent mineral build-up from forming.

Types of Pool Filters

There are three different types of pool filters for inground pools:

  • Sand filter
  • D.E. filter
  • Cartridge filter

How often should you replace pool filters?

How often you clean or replace your pool filter is dependent on a few factors. Filter type, usage, pool size, and weather events can all affect the life cycle of your pool filter. To learn more, check out this great read on how to keep your pool clean, and how to replace  & care for your pool filters! 

Sand media in sand pool filters, on average, should be changed every 3-5 years. D.E. filters should be back-washed every 1-3 months or when the filter has a built-up psi of 5-10. D.E. filters should be dismantled and cleaned at least once per year or more depending on usage.

Pool filter cartridges should be cleaned when the pressure gauge reached 8-10 psi above the standard starting pressure. Pool cartridges should also be cleaned during an algae bloom treatment, a major storm, or as part of the opening or closing of your pool for the season.

When is it time to replace your pool cartridge filter?

Pool filters do not have an expiration date, but there are some signs to look for when it is time for a replacement pool cartridge filter. As you inspect your pool filter look for band breakage. Broken bands do not indicate that the filter needs to be replaced, but as the bands start to break down this can indicate it is time to change the filter.

The next thing to look at is the color of the cartridge. If your filter is a dark brown color indicates that the filter is saturated with oils. Soaking the filter in pool cartridge cleaner like the FiltersFast Multipurpose Filter Cleaner can help pull the oils out. If the oils are not coming out, this is a sign it is time to replace the filter. Another indication that it is time to replace your pool filter is if the filter material is visibility degrading.

One of the easiest signs to look for is if the end caps are broken. Small stress cracks may not be a problem, but if there are any breaks in the cap, this means that you need to replace the filter immediately.

Changing your pool, spa, and hot tub filters regularly will ensure that the water is contaminant-free and ready for swimming and playing.

How often should spa filters be replaced?

It is recommended that spa filter cartridges be replaced every 12-24 months. Cartridges should be cleaned every two weeks to prevent the filter cartridge from becoming clogged with minerals or oils. Each time cartridges are cleaned this causes the fabric fibers to stretch apart which can impact their filtering capability. To keep your spa running, it is a good idea to replace your spa& rsquo s filter after 10-15 cleanings.

Pool maintenance and hot tub upkeep can seem like a dismal task, but we are here to help you keep your pool or spa clean easy, and affordable. Whether you are looking for Pentair pool parts, Filbur pool, and spa filters, or Jacuzzi/Whirlpool pool and spa filters. We carry a wide selection of OEM pool filters and compatible pool filters you need, so you can spend less time worrying about if your pool  water is free of bacteria and pool scum and more time enjoying it!