“Be Green For Halloween” Eco-Friendly Costume Contest

Since we didn’t get much response from our Facebook fans about hosting an “eco-conscious” Halloween costume contest this year, we thought you might need some inspiration. We’ve scoured the web for some common eco-themed costume ideas and listed our top picks below. However, we’d still like to extend the opportunity for you to submit your green-themed costume idea for the chance to win your very own orange Vapur anti-bottle. If you haven’t been a winner in one of our previous weekly Facebook giveaways, this might be your golden opportunity! Just submit a photo of yourself, wearing your “green-themed” Halloween costume, along with a brief description, to selwa@filtersfast.com by Nov. 4 for your chance to win. We’ll post all pictures in a photo album on our page. If you’re having trouble coming up with an idea, this list should help get your creative juices flowing…

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

Wear all white and wrap a dozen or so inflated white balloons around your body from your chest to your hips in a “spiral” fashion, and voila! You’re an eco-friendly light bulb.

Mother Earth Overheating

Dress up as Mother Nature for Halloween and add some red face paint to give you that “heated” look. For an extra touch, carry a toy thermometer and a spray bottle full of water to spread the message that Mother Earth is overheated.

A Hobo

This one’s not so green-themed, but it is eco-friendly, because you won’t have to go out and spend money on another Halloween costume. Rather, you can look to your own closet for inspiration. That old box of worn-out clothes that was gonna go to Goodwill? Don’t throw it out just yet… wait ’til Nov. 1.

A Tree

Wear brown leggings and a green shirt. Collect fallen leaves from outside and attach them to your shirt. Now you’re a tree. Alternatively, you could be a…

Treehugger, instead.

Dress like a hippie, make your own tree prop from cardboard or paper mache, and walk around hugging that tree all night long.

The Pacific Garbage Patch

This one’s easy. Dress in all blue. Then use tape to secure plastic bottles, plastic bags, milk jugs, used beer bottles, and all types of other trash items to your body. The more you tape on, the bigger you’ll get, and since the Pacific Garbage Patch is about the size of Texas, that’s really the point.

Greenwashed (or Green Man)

Wear all green. Paint your face green. Paint your body green. Or if you’re a fan of the FX TV series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, buy a Green Man costume and kill two birds with one stone. (Not literally – as that wouldn’t be very earth-friendly…) Green Man makes several appearances in the TV show, so don’t feel lame about wearing your costume again for several years to come, if you really want to be green.

Al Gore

Simple and classic. Wear a dark suit and don’t forget your prop – “An Inconvenient Truth,” under your right arm. It’s bound to start some interesting conversation.

Captain Planet

This one’s another classic. You can buy the already-made, ready-to-wear costume, or you can be really eco-friendly and make your own.

Willie Nelson

Get yourself a long grey wig and braid it into 2 long pigtail braids, if you’d like. Top it off with a bandanna, a cowboy hat and a fake grey beard, and you’re done… almost. Don’t forget the acoustic guitar. Write a country song about biofuels, and you’ll really impress your friends.

That’s all we have for now. Submit your ideas, and we’ll choose a winner next week. Good luck and Happy Halloween!