Buyer’s Guide: Whole House Water Filter Systems

Our whole house water filter systems buyer’s guide is meant (like all of the other buyer’s guides on our site) to assist you, the consumer, with your decision to opt for fresh, clean filtered water in your household. Here are just a few things about whole house water filters, and what makes them unique:

1. They are designed to remove sediment, dirt, sand, rust and heavy metals from your water. All of these contaminants can be harmful to the household appliances which are connected to your home’s water line. Some whole house filters also effectively reduce the bad taste and odor of chlorine.

2. They filter much larger amounts of water than other conventional home water filters, including faucet filters, undersink filters and countertop filters. If you live in a large household, you may want to opt for a whole house filter, instead of, or even in conjunction with, one or more of these other filter systems.

Which whole house filter is right for you? Get your water tested, and then read our buyer’s guide to find out!

A Simple Guide to Home Water Filters

Which home water filter is right for you?

To find out, start by reading our Simple Guide to the Basic Types of Water Filtration. Then, test to see what’s in your water to determine the type of filtration you need.

Most of the water filters we carry employ carbon adsorption, which may also be combined with other types, such as ceramic filtration or reverse osmosis. To get an idea of which home water filter will accomplish your needs, check out our Simple Guide to Home Water Filters where you can narrow it down according to the size of your household, your preferences for drinking water and filtration maintenance, and your contaminant removal needs. We are also releasing more in-depth buyer’s guides for each home water filter category; simply click on the “How To” links in this guide to access them.