Water Park Installs UV Filters in Pools

Wild Island Family Adventure Park in Sparks, Nevada is proud to be the first outdoor water park to have all its pools equipped with UV filtration. Though many water parks are beginning to implement UV filters, they are not installed in all pools, because this type of filtration is significantly more expensive than the traditional chlorine method. For the officials at Wild Island Park, however, the system is worth the high investment.

UV filtration eliminates parasites and microorganisms that are resistant to chlorine, such as cryptosporidium and giardia. Chlorine reacts with microorganisms in the water resulting in dangerous byproducts like chloramines and trihalomethanes which can cause allergies and other, more serious respiratory problems. Chlorine itself is also harsh on skin and eyes. The UV system destroys all bacteria in the water that passes through it, preventing microbes from re-entering the pool. Moreover, UV light has a photo-oxidation effect that destroys chloramines and other harmful byproducts of chlorine without the addition of more chemicals. Thus, the UV system cuts down on the use of chlorine as a disinfectant. Water park visitors have claimed that they could “feel the difference” upon exiting the pool.

Chlorine is not just a problem in swimming pools. Since it is a common disinfecting method used by municipal water treatment plants, chlorine is often present in the water you drink and use for bathing. Chlorine in drinking water often causes water to have an undesirable taste and odor and can be toxic in large amounts. Many refrigerator filters, faucet water filters and undersink filters reduce or remove chlorine. Showering in chlorinated water can also result in dry, itchy skin and upper respiratory problems, especially when the water is hot and you breathe in the vapors. Shower water filters can also cut down on water chlorine levels. For healthy drinking water that is not treated with chlorine, or that is contaminated with parasites that are resistant to chlorine, Filters Fast carries several UV water filters to suit your needs.

Celebrate UV Safety Month with Filters Fast

July is UV safety month. As many of you who are fair-skinned already know, exposure to ultraviolet light outside the home can cause cell damage to your skin and eyes, so it is important to wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from harmful UV rays while outdoors. However, UV light inside the home can provide a safe source of water and air for you and your family.

UV light renders microorganisms sterile – unable to reproduce – thus eliminating the risk for disease.  As water and air are exposed to UV light, any living organisms inside the source become inactive. A UV water filter is an ideal option for rural water supplies, or any water source that has not been chemically treated. This method disinfects water without the addition of harmful chemicals like chlorine. Similarly, a UV air treatment system prevents bacteria, mold and viruses from growing inside your HVAC system as it cleans the air, lessening the need for chemical cleaners, many of which also contain toxic pollutants. Moreover, because UV light is unable to pass through the metal or glass enclosing your system, these methods pose little risk of UV damage to the eyes or skin.

This summer, UV light is both your friend and your foe. Who knew?