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If you' re an outdoorsy, daring person, then you may be an RVer. Your main concern should be with the adventure, the excitement, and the thrill of the journey, not with what' s going on with your water supply. This concern can be alleviated with one simple device an RV water filter!

What is an RV Water Filter?

RV water filters are the necessary component used to filter the water you use while you' re camping, boating, or doing outdoor events in your recreational vehicle. This small, compact gadget can keep you and your loved ones from possible water-borne sickness.

Why do I need an RV water filter?

Well-traveled RVers are familiar with connecting their rigs directly to a campgrounds fresh-water supply via water hookups. The source for this water usually comes from the municipal water reserve or a nearby well. Naturally, you& rsquo d think that city water would be safe, right? And we' ve all heard that well water is generally the best water, correct? Unfortunately, that is not so. City water can be one of the most dangerous sources of water due to the lead in the pipes used to transport it, and the taste can be undesirable because of chlorine used to sanitize it. Well water has unknown factors that you should be worried about, such as the quality of it and whether it contains pollutants.

Unless you have a home water filtration system, water stored from a residential source isn' t necessarily reliable either. And on top of this, you must be aware of the cleanliness of your storage as well. If the storage isn' t consistently clean, then the water quality may be subpar. An RV water filter allows you to have safe, clean water on the go without having to worry about all of these factors.

How do RV water filters work?

Making sure your water is clean and safe when you' re on the go is important. It is essential that you have an RV water filter to clean up the grime that is in most campgrounds  connections. Like home water filtration, RV water filtration removes chemicals and contaminants from water before it comes out of the faucets in your recreational vehicle.

Some RVs may come with a basic filter already installed however, they will not provide you with the level of filtration that you' d like.

Why should you change your RV Water Filter?

Just like an air filter or a home water filter, RV water filters become rundown from filtering contaminants in your water. Deposit buildup can happen, which will clog and cut off the water' s ability to circulate. This decreases efficiency, creating an environment for bacteria to thrive and infect your water supply. To ensure your inline filter removes harmful pollutants, you must change the filter.

How often should you change your RV Water Filter?

To keep your water filter operating at optimum capacity, you should change your recreational vehicle water filter every 3 months. However, if you do not use your RV frequently, you can extend that period out to 6 months depending on the filter that you' ve chosen. This will ensure that fresh, filtered water is available for you whenever your spontaneous spirit seeks adventure.

We make staying on top of filter changes easy with our wide selection of RV water filter replacements. Some of our filters come with a filter change reminder sticker, and you can set up a Home Filter Club subscription so that you don' t even have to think about getting a replacement after your initial purchase, making the process convenient!

Do unused RV water filters expire?

The basic answer is no, unused RV water filters don' t expire. Moisture is what activates the filter, and if none is present, your RV water filter will be in prime condition whenever you need it.

What are the benefits of inline water filters?

Inline filters are super easy to use, require little installation knowledge and are low maintenance. To install, you attach the filter to the water line hose and let the filter do its job. This is a great standard to start from.

If you need inline water filters for your recreational vehicle, camper, or boat, we' ve got you covered! Our filters are of slender design and easy to operate. We carry several brands such as Culligan, Hydro Life, Pentek, Celtic Plastics, Everpure, and our own FiltersFast.com RV water filters. Your great outdoor adventure will be a fantastic experience with crisp tasting, clean water.