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MERV 8 Filters Fast® 2" AC and Furnace Air Filters 6-Pack


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Retail: $99.99
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2 MERV 8 Air Filter Sizes :
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The Filters Fast® MERV 8- 2" Furnace Air Filters 6-PACK is a set of air filter replacements that are essential for your home. Upgrade your 1 inch air filter with our new six pack of 2" MERV 8 air filters. Like our 1 inch MERV 8 filters, these 2 inch furnace filters will reduce dust, pollen, pet dander and other contaminants from your air. By doing so, you will help eliminate symptoms caused by allergy and sinus irritations, such as coughing, sneezing and watery eyes. Using a quality furnace filter such as this one not only protects your family from airborne contaminants, but it also protects your HVAC system.

Note: These filters do not contain fiberglass.

Replaces FFM7Pleat.

The Filters Fast® FFM86 reduces the following contaminants from your air:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander

FFM8 Air Filter - MERV 8 - Specification Data Sheet

Why upgrade to a 2 inch furnace filter?

Our 2 inch air filters are an inch deeper than traditional 1 inch furnace filters, and as a result they have a greater surface area than standard home air filters. Before upgrading your 1 inch air filter with a 2 inch air filter, please be sure to check that your return grille can accomodate a 2 inch filter. Often, 2 inch air filters are used in commercial air filter applications like offices, hospitals and schools.

Our MERV 8 air filters contain 10 pleats per linear foot. Pleated air filters have a greater surface area than non-pleated filters, and as a result they have more room to capture airborne particles. Our MERV 8 furnace filters are electrostatically charged and will not retain moisture, which can lead to the growth of mold and bacteria. for optimal performance, please change these furnace filters every 3 months.

What is a MERV rating?

MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, indicates the efficiency of an air filter. Most grocery store filters you see have a rating of MERV 1 or MERV 2, which will remove practically nothing from the air and cause your HVAC system to work harder than it should. We also carry a MERV 13 2" air filter.

Prices listed are for six furnace filters. We carry the 2" MERV 8 air filters in the following sizes:

Nominal Size Actual Size Alternate Part Number
12x12x2 Air Filter 11.5x11.5x1.75 CP8.0211.5X11.56PK
12x24x2 Air Filter 11.375x23.375x1.75 PF8.0212246PFF
14x17.5x2 Air Filter 14x17.5x1.75 PF8.021417.5A6PFF
14x17x2 Air Filter 14x17x1.75 PF8.021417A6PFF
14x20x2 Air Filter 13.75x19.75x1.75 PF8.0214206PFF
14x25x2 Air Filter 13.75x24.75x1.75 PF8.0214256PFF
15x20x2 Air Filter 14.5x19.5x1.75 PF8.0215206PFF
16x16x2 Air Filter
16x20x2 Air Filter 15.75x19.5x1.75 PF8.0216206PFF
16x24x2 Air Filter 15.375x23.375x1.75 PF8.0216246PFF
16x25x2 Air Filter 15.5x24.5x1.75 PF8.0216256PFF, Camfil 049880-004, 049880004, r37912
18x18x2 Air Filter 17.5x17.5x1.75 PF8.0218186PFF
18x20x2 Air Filter 17.5x19.5x1.75 PF8.0218206PFF
18x24x2 Air Filter 17.375x23.375x1.75 PF8.0218246PFF
18x25x2 Air Filter 17.75x24.75x1.75 PF8.0218256PFF
20x20x2 Air Filter 19.5x19.5x1.75 PF8.0220206PFF, Lennox 54W21
20x24x2 Air Filter 19.375x23.375x1.75 PF8.0220246PFF
20x25x2 Air Filter 19.5x24.5x1.75 PF8.0220256PFF, ffm86-20252, Lennox 50W61
20x30x2 Air Filter 19.75x29.75x1.75 PF8.0220306PFF
22x22x2 Air Filter 21.5x21.5x1.75 CP8.0222.0x22.06PK
24x24x2 Air Filter 23.375x23.375x1.75 PF8.0224246PFF, FFM86-24242, Lennox 54W67
24x30x2 Air Filter 23.375x29.375x1.75 PF8.0224306PFF
25x25x2 Air Filter 24.75x24.75x1.75 PF8.0225256PFF
25x28x2 Air Filter 24.5x28.5x1.75 CP8.0224.5X27.56PK
27x27x2 Air Filter 26.5x26.5x1.75 CP8.0227.0x27.06PK
28x30x2 Air Filter 27.5x29.5x1.75 PF8.0228306PFF
29x29x2 Air Filter 28.5x28.5x1.75 CP8.0229.0x29.06PK
30x32x2 Air Filter 29.5x31.5x1.75 PF8.0230326PFF

The chart below will show you what you can remove with a MERV 13 air filter, a MERV 11 air filter, or a MERV 8 air filter.

Compatible Parts:

The MERV 8 Filters Fast® 2" AC and Furnace Air Filters 6-Pack is the correct replacement for the following part numbers:

Part Number
Purolator HE40STD2
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Hawaii Buyer2022-08-31

We'll manufactured fiters at a great price

Collected by
Richard Land2022-05-30

Never had a problem with the company or the product.

Collected by
Tena moten2022-04-28

Great product and correct size for my dehumidifier.

Collected by
J Richard Ludgin2021-12-08

I needed these oversized filters and Fikters Fast had them when no one else could supply. They were delivered at a reasonable price. Fulfillment was accurate and quick. Thank you!

Collected by

Filters are good quality and last three months in our multiple pet home. Great value buying the six pack. Always arrive undamaged so good packing.

Collected by
Ed Williams2021-05-16

Product was as described.

Collected by

Very good product. Wish they came 8 to the package since my unit requires 4 at a time.

Collected by

This is the third time I’ve ordered from Filters Fast and have been very pleased every time. The filters themselves are of top quality and to have them delivered directly to my house at a very reasonable cost is an added plus. I will definitely be a return customer.

Collected by

Very nice product. Thank you.

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